Robins’s debut fantasy chronicles the fascinating transformation of year-old Miranda from girlish street urchin to an attractive, audacious. Maledicte (Antyre, book 1) by Lane Robins – book cover, description, publication history. There’s not much I can say about Lane Robins, author of “Maledicte”. As far as I can tell, she doesn’t have a website or blog yet, and about all.

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The writing is absolutely superb, positively enthralling, but the roblns is not for the faint of heart. She did not battle these things alone though, for there was robijs boy with just as much anger and cunning at her side, the discarded bastard nephew of the king, Janus.

Ani’s domain is vengeance and love. Maledicte is decadent and beautiful- language and languorously dangerous characters distract readers from the violence hovering just beneath the surface so that even as the crisis point of the book is reached, the reader is no more used to the bloodshed than when the book started.

Preview — Maledicte by Lane Robins. Robins will write a sequel since there’re some questions were left unanswered. Of the larger world, only the foreign kingdom of Itarus and the uncivilized Explorations are touched upon, and these just slightly, while even the gods — Baxit, Ani, Naga, Espit, Haith — have little mythos revealed about them despite their relevance to the story.

She honestly did give all of herself to Janus. But more the mechanics of things particularly any time something sexual is going on the description can be hard to follow. Except when he wants to act as a woman. Likewise, considering how much influence Vornatti had, going from rebellious Relict rat to accommodating sex slave literally happened within a span of a few minutes seconds in reading time. Go to our library’s website www. Things happened so abruptly that they made little sense, poor world building, little character back story development when there needed to be tons and a main character I couldn’t stand.

Jan 14, Linda added it Shelves: To me, the court seemed like a bunch of priggish gossips who were blown away when Maledicte acted like a spoiled brat. I would die happy mxledicte see this made into a movie.



Yet the novel does not demonize being a woman. It is far too easy to write a book in which a reader becomes jaded to the violence and deviance contained within.

But what happens when Ani harbors a dark, insatiable vengeance that will lead from one kill to the next? Dec 30, Karissa rated it it was amazing.

But these characters are vividly alive through their personalities and interactions with others, so that you don’t need physical descriptors. I love these kinds of stories and this one was especially heart-rending yet hopeful. View all 8 comments. She received her BA in Creative Writing from Beloit College, and currently lives in Lawrence, Kansas, with an ever-fluctuating number of dogs and cats.

Jacobean-style fantasy—bloody, dense, bulging, improbable—set in a world poised on the brink of industrial revolution.

I wanted to like this more than I actually did. This god and the other apparently dead gods were not well described, so I had a hard time understanding or relating to this. She takes shelter beneath the altar of Black-winged Ani, the goddess of vengeance responsible for the devastation around her, and e Miranda, a girl child of the goddess-devastated Relicts, is destined to rogins a whore, but she has the companionship of her street crew to fill her days.

There wasn’t a time period necessarily tacked into the story, but to me, it was most likely Renaissance Venice meets steampunk elements. Hoping against hope things would get better. Then again, the people who seemed to love this book also loved the Kushiel series, and frankly, I hated that book I only read the first and only just managed to wade through it. I was on her side the whole way, sympathetic and anticipating her next move.

The publisher’s description of malericte book is misleading. This is dark fantasy maledicre of betrayal and vengeance with lyrical prose. In particular, a fantasy book where I could fall in love with the characters. Janus now has designs upon the throne.

Lecherous, crippled old Vornatti promises to teach Maledicte courtly skills and how to stalk Last. Discover what to read next. Some paranormal moments and a god-like presence. And, we get no back-story on the relationship between Miranda and Janus, either. We meet Maledicte when he is the young thief Miranda. I especially liked the relationship between Gilly, Janus, and Maledicte.


Don’t get me wrong: It’s definitely dark and decadent. From a dazzling new voice in fantasy comes a mesmerizing tale of treachery, passion, intrigue, betrayal, and an act of pure vengeance that threatens to bring down a kingdom. Deep within Antyre’s capital lurk two children whose entwined destinies mledicte the kingdom, but most especially the very future they desire. But now to the kingdom comes a handsome, enigmatic nobleman, Maledicte, wh From a dazzling new voice in fantasy comes a mesmerizing tale of treachery, passion, intrigue, betrayal, and an act of pure vengeance that threatens to bring down a kingdom.

I think the whole book would have been immeasurably better with a little more world-building on Robins’ part, or even a little insight into the history Janus and Maledicte shared before he was stolen away.

I thought the book was completely amazing.

MALEDICTE by Lane Robins | Kirkus Reviews

Formerly Miranda, scrappy slum girl hellbent on escaping a destitute future, Maledicte sweeps into the gossiping robnis of Antyre’s bored aristocracy in pursuit of Janus, childhood love and bastard son of the Earl of Last newly made legitimate by the very father who abandoned him to the slums as a baby.

Further than this Ms Robins has a fine sense for situation sketching. Starvation being the most likely and the least horrendous, there’s stabbings, rapes, enforced slavery, child prostitution — really, there’s a whole list that probably escape me that could happen to two parentless kids in the slums, especially in a developing world with very distinct social barriers.

A hollow victory, indeed. The characters in general however don’t seem to be made to connect with or emphathize with. It’s also worth noting how excellently the action scenes are described — and make no mistake, there’s plenty of sleek violence in this book to satisfy those looking for that sort of thing. Like Victor Victoria and Twelfth Night but not ones where men dress like women. I’m absolutely intrigued with where the story left off and I absolutely cannot wait until the lne gets here.