Lingual frenotomy is the release of a tight or short lingual frenulum to relieve This procedure can routinely be performed on newborn infants (less than 4. Lingval :// How to do Frenectomy (lingual)http:// Dr. Amik Maytesyan. Loading Unsubscribe from Dr. A lingual frenectomy is the removal of a band of tissue (the lingual frenulum) connecting the The skill of the provider is most important in the success of this procedure. It is unknown if Laser frenectomy results in a lower risk of relapse (i.e. .

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It causes discomfort for only a few days. Kupietzky A, Botzer E. Your doctor may prescribe pain medicine to help during recovery. Laser may be considered a simple and frenectpmy alternative for children while reducing the amount of local anesthetics needed, the bleeding and the chances of infection, swelling and discomfort.

Lingual frenectomy

An eight-year-old female with ankyloglossia was referred from a speech therapist to undergo frenectomy due to restriction of porcedure movement and function. D Excised triangular tissue held with the hemostats.

frdnectomy Prevalence, diagnosis, and treatment of ankyloglossia: Thus, only one hemostat clamped at the upper aspect of the frenulum may be helpful to guide the incision close to the ventral surface of the tongue.

One way to treat tongue-tied patients is with a procedure called lingual frenectomy [fren-EK-tuh-mee].

The limitation of this technique is the possibility of recurrence and the need to perform complementary procedures to release the tongue satisfactorily 1222 This procedure was performed using a LightScalpel 10, nm CO 2 laser. Ankyloglossia, also known as tongue-tie, is a congenital anomaly characterized by an abnormally short lingual frenulum D Laser application from the tip to the base of the tongue. If you were given a local anesthetic, you might need to wait a few hours until the anesthetic wears off before you notice any results.


Placing a few stitches in your mouth to help the area heal.

Lingual Frenectomy | Ear, Nose, and Throat

Improved ankyloglossia correction with four-flap Z-frenuloplasty. Tension-free closure was checked through the insertion of frrnectomy first absorbable vicryl suture at the middle of the wound. Results of lingual frenectomia via laser surgery have been thought to be superior to those of traditional cold steel methods, however, minimal evidence exists.

The lkngual of surgery for functional limitations due to ankyloglossia should occur if evaluation shows that function may be improved by surgery In the present work, a case series of children diagnosed with ankyloglossia and approached with different surgical techniques was presented.

Cleft Palate Craniofac J. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. After frennectomy day or so, you should rinse your mouth out with salt water several times a day. You may be asked to avoid food or water a few hours beforehand, depending on whether or not anesthesia will be used for the procedure.

C Diode laser application to the central linbual of the frenulum. After achieving good anesthesia, two hemostats one curved and the other straight were placed against the tissues over the superior and inferior aspects of the frenulum, respectively, with their tips meeting in the deep aspect near the base of the tongue Fig.

B Infiltrative anesthesia of the lingual nerve. This paper reports a series of clinical cases of ankyloglossia in children, which were approached by different techniques: Randomized, controlled trial of division of tongue-tie in infants with feeding problems.


Newborn babies with a short frenulum may struggle to nurse, which can make it difficult to gain weight. Frenectomy with the use of one hemostat An eight-year-old female with ankyloglossia was referred from a speech therapist to undergo frenectomy due to restriction of tongue movement and function.

Surgical removal procedures Tongue surgery. Children diagnosed with ankyloglossia were subjected to different surgical procedures. Pediatricians used similar devices over decades, but recurrence was common. D First incision following the curvature of the hemostat, cutting through the upper aspect of the frenulum. Get help with a billing issue.

Additionally, the need for suture is eliminated and a uniform depth in the surgical site is maintained, reducing unnecessary damage to tongue muscle 115 F Silk sutures placed over the wound.

However, several syndromes are associated with this procecure finding, including ehlers-Danlos syndrome, Beckwith-Wiedemann syndrome, Simosa syndrome, X-linked cleft palate and orofaciodigital syndrome 23821 A lingual frenectomy is a surgical procedure that removes a band of tissue that connects the underside of the tongue with the bottom of the mouth.

Surgical techniques for the treatment of ankyloglossia in children: a case series

Linkage of an X-chromosome cleft palate gene. B Short lingual frenulum with apical insertion. A Short lingual frenulum. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Support Center Support Center.