Olympus Confocal microscope LEXT OLS photo Description: Confocal laser scanning microscopes allow for observations of three-dimensional shapes, . Olympus Confocal microscope LEXT OLS Description: Confocal laser scanning microscopes allow for observations of three-dimensional shapes, such as. The Olympus LEXT OLS laser scanning confocal microscope, noncontact, nondestructive 3D observations and measurements are easy to produce. Simply .

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Wind Turbine Inspection Solutions. The information on this page, including the accuracy guarantee, is based on conditions set by Olympus. Surface profile evaluation of materials for lithium-ion battery collectors. Red type nm: Measuring the roughness of the inner wall of medical tubing. Observation and measurement of profile changes in wiper blades using a laser microscope. While maintaining the excellent performance of its predecessor, the LEXT OLS is even revolutionarily easier to operate with a “single click” concept.

LEXT OLS Industrial Laser Confocal Microscopes – Olympus 3D Laser Measuring Solution

Videos Metal Industry Inspection Solutions video. Longer working distance for larger samples Measure samples that are up to mm tall.

Basic Principles of Laser Scanning Microscopes. The measurement performance of os3100 dedicated LEXT objectives is guaranteed, so you can select the one best suited to the sample you’re observing.

Olympus LEXT OLS3100 Confocal Laser Scanning Microscope

Magnification power from x to 14,x satisfies the needs of researchers working between the limits of conventional optical microscopes and scanning electron microscopes SEM. The results obtained when the same specimen is measured over a short period of time by pls3100 same person using the same equipment.


Step measurement of transparent film applied to a glass surface. Olympus software provides a simple user interface, fast processing and advanced analysis in a single solution.

Evaluating Sample Preparation of Stone Tools: Surface profile measurement of oil seals using a laser microscope. Industrial-leading resolution and repeatability for extremely reliable measurement data 3. Measuring the Thickness of Photoresist Film.

Both line-width and geometric measurements e. Looking towards a Future of Affordable Solar Energy.

Effects of Cleaning on Surface Measurements. Speed Get answers quickly: Precise imaging Capture the shape of any surface. All of the operations and procedures included in a report can be saved as a template. Analysis app Simple analysis. Band scan 1-line data acquisition.

Information posted on this site is ola3100 and accurate only at the time of their original publication date, and may now lexh outdated or inaccurate. Easy to operate Just place your sample and press the Start button. Industrial-leading resolution and repeatability for extremely reliable measurement data. Measurement of the surface roughness in the specified region.

Olls3100 Learn about microscope. Quantitative Investigations of the Interconnect. Ability to observe and analyze all types of specimens thanks to versatile observation methods and a variety of 3D image presentation patterns In addition to the brightfield and differential interference contrast DIC microscopy the LEXT OLS is also equipped with two types of laser scanning microscope LSM contrast modes, namely standard confocal and confocal DIC to support a wide range of applications.


Output the report and save the template.

OLYMPUS | News Release: Olympus Launches LEXT OLS Confocal Laser Scanning Microscope

The OLS laser confocal microscope precisely measures shape and surface roughness at the submicron level. A specially developed nm violet optical system maintains the industrial-leading horizontal resolution by minimizing the optical aberrations that tend to occur with short-wavelength light rays. Best suited for measurement of 1. Roughness measurement of an engine valve face using a laser microscope.

Evaluation of Oil Grooves ol3s100 the Sides of Pistons. Yes, send me product updates and news. The result is world-leading spatial resolution that clearly resolves patterns of nm line-width. Best suited for height measurements of 1mm to 0. Connecting rod Tool Piston head. Conduct the inspection and take measurements.

Measuring the shape of scratches on vehicle-mounted camera lenses. The future of industrial quality control.