No. Léon Degrelle was a foreign correspondent for the paper which first published Tintin, but it had many other foreign correspondents and. All kinds of people have wanted to be associated with Tintin. Léon Degrelle, the founder of Belgium’s fascist party and the leader of its wartime. 11 févr. Nous exigeons la vérité! A la mémoire de mon frère Edouard, assassiné, dans sa maison de Bouillon, devant ses fillettes, par les épurateurs.

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Biographical Dictionary of the Extreme Right Since After the collapse of the Nazi regime, Degrelle went into exile in Francoist Spain where he remained a prominent figure in neo-Nazi politics. On holiday with Captain Haddock, Tintin reads about a plane crash. Lehideux and Isorni v France R v Zundel. Their morality is that of the friendship one finds among degrekle former officers tinitn Indochina or Algeria. The story ends with a thoroughly cynical, if realistic, touch.

The observation is, moreover, comforting for western intellectuals. In Decemberhe wrote to Casterman detailing his assault on the German occupation bureaucracy, and in particular the Propaganda Abteilung, which dealt with publishing. In China, in the story called Blue Lotus, he begins by defending a rickshaw driver who has had an accident with a westerner, who beats him, shouting, “Dirty little Chinaman! Griffin, Rogered. Get to Know Us.

All of a sudden, Tintin appeared to grow up. This, of course, has set the cat among the Belgian pigeons.



Afrikaner Weerstandsbeweging Greyshirts Ossewabrandwag. Tintin himself remains something of a mystery.

Who cannot see by which name here to replace that of Tintin? In light of everything which has happened, it is of course a huge error to have believed for an instant in the New Order. Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime. Tintin could not stop, not even for a minute, being a good little boy, intrepid, joyous, obliging, by the effect of internal reflexes.

In Congo, Tintin no longer teaches African children about their motherland – Belgium. Assouline notes that King Leopold II was a frequent visitor to the house. Things were going well. His defenders, however, present a good-natured old cove who happened to commit the odd youthful indiscretion.

Foreign Nationals in the Service of the Third Reich.

Retrieved 12 March He led the unit in the defense of Estonia deegrelle the Soviets. Quinn Quintilian Edouard Rix C. Tintin backs an Indian monarch against an international drug trafficking ring. I remember one of them where I was in a kind of tower made up of a series of ramps.

Degrelle Léon – Tintin mon copain

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Tinntin me say that Mister Gol is perhaps not the best placed to speak about Belgians and Tintin: Share your thoughts with other customers. Initially, the group was meant to represent a continuation of the Belgian Armyand fought as such during Operation Barbarossawhile integrating many Walloons that had volunteered for service. And why does he spend so much time hanging around with those incompetent policemen, his bowler-hatted friends, the twins with the mysteriously different spellings of their names, Thompson and Thomson?


By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Still, during the war he only worried about paper – much more than the future of Belgium. And communism has more or less disappeared, under the pressure of the European peoples who titin everywhere toppled the statues of the Jew Marx!

National Socialism can fail, but because it is the greatest force of our time we must support its efforts.

Léon Degrelle – Wikipedia

Back to the drawing board. One can see during this period, on the contrary, the zenith of his production. But I remember very well the fervor with which I listened to my mother, who had barely escaped the [postwar] Purge in Belgium, speaking with the cartoonist.

Thank you There is a little bit in ‘Tintin the complete companion’ by Michael Farr, but not much more than already stated. InFlight was published and on February 25,in Brussels, [.

Find out more on Wikipedia’s Sister projects. Throughout the war, Tintin appeared, too, in the similarly collaborationist Flemish paper, Het Timtin Nieuws.