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It is Jesus Christ who is speaking.

With the help of the Lord, we will print hundreds piccqrreta thousands of membership certificates. Father Hannibal met Luisa around divinaa year We firmly hope that Luisa will also be glorified soon on earth, fully aware that the true glorification of Luisa will be that the Divine Will reign and dominate in our souls as on its royal throne.

It will be organized in the simplest of ways: Later, two more editions of this book were printed in Italian, two in German of 25, copies per edition!

A lay brother has been watching over me most patiently every night at my bedside, and he prays the prayers of the Divine Will for me. Padres de la Iglesia.

And he even went so far as to get involved, by dkvina his authoritative Imprimatur after my Nihil Obstat. I told them to buy it. For that reason I assist him so much and I give him special voountad, because to understand a Divine Will, Holy and Eternal, great graces and not a small light but a sun, are needed, as well as great disposition from the one to whom this office is conferred. Historia de la Iglesia. He himself says it in his own words.


It is given, just to please adorable Jesus more, to give him greater glory, to obtain your sanctification and the good of souls. When Blessed Hannibal had already been appointed ecclesiastic censor of the Archdiocese of Trani, he writes:. It is the last of the other seven that I had to finish so that the Archbishop could put his Imprimatur on them.


But the plans of the Lord were different. I thank you so much for the courage you infuse in me. Piccatreta is the word of uncreated Wisdom, and just one word is worth more than the whole universe. Indeed, Voountad was always totally faithful to this obedience, even though it often cost her great deal as we can read in a number of places in her writings because she had to write intimate things concerning herself. El Don del Bautismo. Who knows how many things the soul is keeping quiet about!

Being eivina Divine Word who is speaking, the Substantial Word of the Eternal Father, the whole work will be quite voluminous. Four editions of this book were made, pifcarreta edition being of a greater number than the previous one.

And while thinking about this, I happened to find myself at the chapter of May 4,of volume seven, and I read these words that Jesus says to you:. He piccarrrta named ecclesiastical censor for the Archdiocese of Trani-Barletta-Bisceglie as well. Finally, the work that Saint Father Hannibal had begun ended with this death. We have selected a few paragraphs to show how the Divine Will made its way in his soul.

The infernal enemy put a thought into my mind: You should have never begun it.

La Divina Voluntad y Luisa Piccarreta

Volume XX, November 6, In view of all this, we can say that the canonization of Fr. It is really necessary to make these writings known to the world now, and I believe they will do a great deal of good. RSS – Suscripciones de Audio. Who knows whom our Lord will make use of? But afterwards, the deception was discovered.

El Don de la Divina Voluntad. Comentarios sobre el sitio. In the following paragraph, we can see how far the devil went to try to keep these sublime writings on the Divine Will from being published:.


Here are some paragraphs illustrating this. Enlaces de la Santa Sede. Documentos de la Iglesia. Some requests were for fifty copies, and some even for a hundred, such as the request that one of the best-known bookstores of the Vatican made, as St. No, no, I have arranged it; it is a providential voluntd of the Supreme Will that wants him as first apostle and herald of the Divine Fiat.

Night and day they attack me, making me feel discouraged and oppressed. And so, we can truly say he was one of the first sons if the Divine Will and consequently one of the first apostles of the Divine Liusa. I hope to send you the first pages soon, for you to see.

Once I finish reviewing the rest of the volumes that I have not read, I will put my Nihil Obstat on them and will present them to his Excellency, the Archbishop, so that he can put his Imprimatur on each one of them as he promised, as well as on those you have which I have reviewed. Temas sobre la vida y la familia 5. And I asked myself: The consideration that we are dealing with 25, copies of the entire work, of the whole set of volumes, present and future, so it will cost millions of liras.

Sobre la Divina Voluntad. It is like the beginning of the glorious manifestation of the Kingdom of the Divine Will in a visible way, insofar as a mortal creature can perceive it, and in proportion to the disposition of the will of each one of us, to goluntad completely to our human will, to live always and only by the Divine Will.