SON OF THE SHADOWS. Juliet Marillier, Author SON OF THE SHADOWS Juliet Mari $ (p) ISBN The forests of Sevenwaters have cast their spell over Sorcha’s daughter Liadan, who, like her mother, has inherited the talent to heal and to see into the sp. After years of comparative peace, darkness has fallen upon Ulster. Trouble is brewing and even those in the heart of the forest are not safe.

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Bran, Liadan’s foil, is similar. A wonderful story which weaves it’s way back to the first book in a surprising twist. But what I love best of julidt is the ways in which they reach out to each other, across the barriers of time, gender, race, and space. Then, when challenged to show her skill, she performs a small feat of archery. By using our website you agree to our use of cookies. The main heroine, a girl called Liadan Sorcha’s daughtersuffers from the severe “unique one” syndrome, experiencing “nameless feelings of ill; sudden bouts of shivering; cryptic warnings of the mind”.

This is my tne book of all time.

Son of the Shadows

Even with my issues, Son of the Shadows wasn’t anything I’d consider a bad read, and it wasn’t until I started picking things apart that I lowered the rating from 4 stars. I did like Liadan and Bran together, and I liked his slow transformation into someone mariloier of being liked. Niamh has great beauty and is ‘expected’ to wed Eamonn, a neighbouring chieftain. Upon this attack, all his men were killed, and his life was spared by a man called the Painted Man.

Apr 04, Mayim de Vries rated julier it was ok. She related the many adventures of Cu Chulainn the hero, and she told of Fionn mac Cumhaill, who was a great warrior and cunning with tje. So, if you love Fantasy with Celtic Mythology and Romance, this is a series you should check and see if it works for you! Do yourself a favor and pick up Daughter of the Forest and Son of the Shadows.


She makes a deal with Eamonn, in exchange for not revealing marilier Eamonn betrayed his kinsman Liam and sacrificed his life in exchange for the Painted Man capture. He swears that he will kill him.

Liadan proves to be just as resourceful as her mother when she is abducted by outlaws on the road, managing to maneuver her way out of the dilemma by offering her healing services to an injured member of the group.

But not all the brothers were able to fully escape the spell that transformed them into swans, and it is left to Sorcha’s daughter Liadan to help fulfill the destiny of the Sevenwaters clan. Soon we’ll see the first hint of gray in the sky, the color of a pigeon’s coat, then the smallest touch of the sun’s finger, and one bird will be bold enough to wake first and sing of tall trees and open skies and freedom. The family of Sevenwaters love one another deeply, but despite their love they struggle for trust in one another.

Son of the Shadows – Wikipedia

Liadan has grown up surrounded by the love of her family and the peace and safety of the forest of Sevenwaters. They have been responsible for bringing the Druid religion back and at times communicate with the Fae, thus magic always plays a role in what happens with them. I don’t know if I am just used to books which end quite abruptly after the main event, but I found myself eager for the book to end and to be done with their story. Perhaps you hold sshadows sort of key.


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Liadan was only a pale imitation of Sorcha and only the shadkws appearances of the uncles and the gang of mercenaries made up for that. She is the heart of Sevenwaters, repeated several times verbatim in julket book. In many ways she is very similar to her mother – she is smart, loyal, courageous, and yet more outspoken and more proactive. She currently lives in a rural area of Western Australia, sharing her house with a cat and a dog. It’s such a clear narrative. Arguing with him was almost enjoyable.

Eammon could have been a cartoon villain, twirling his curly mustache at the end. That’s all we can do.

What is changed is that through the pages of this book we are immersed even more in Irish culture and we know some of the stories that are very dear to the whole island. She reveals this to her father Iubdan and she convinces Bran that his future might lie in returning to his roots at Harrowfield in Briton, while his men talk of setting up a school for warriors.

Son of the Shadows: Aurealis Award for Best Fantasy Novel Juliet’s novels and short stories have won many awards.