Mary and Joseph. Michael and all angels. Anna, Joachim, Elizabeth. Elijah, Moses, John the Baptist. PRAY FOR US.. Isaac, Sarah, Abraham.. Jacob, Joseph. It is sung at our vigil at the end of the Litany of the Saints as the wind up. If so, it’s a setting by John D Becker, St Thomas More Group/OCP. , , John D. Becker. Published by OCP. Reprinted with Permission of Calamus, 28 Bury Road, Brandon, Suffolk, IP27 0BU. Reprint Licence No.

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Are you thinking about becoming a Catholic? To his chosen, hear our prayer.

I come to this site at least once a week, usually when my day isn’t going well, and listen to it over and over until I feel better. Graciously hear us, o Lord Lamb of God, you take away the sins of the world…. Louis and Wenceslaus, pray for us. God the Son, Redeemer of the world, have mercy on us. Felicity, Perpetuapray for us.

Enfold me, embrace me, hold me In the Order of Christian Funerals, during the Transferal of the Te from the home to the church, it is common to chant the Litany of the Saints. Sometimes we don’t know how to pray so it just seemed right to ask others to pray for me. Anonymous October 31, at Linus, Cletus, and Clement,pray for us.


A Concord Pastor Comments: All you holy men and women: Pray for us!

God the Father of heaven, have mercy on us. A If Testament model for this repetition is the Beatitudes Matthew 5with the repeated “Blessed are they who…”. Jacob, Joseph, Samuel, pray for us. Pontian, Pope and Martyr, condemned to the mines St.

Francis Xavier, Ignatius, pray for us. Hippolytus and Origenpray for us.

Lord, hear my prayer today! Becker Lord, have mercy. I so love that particular Litany of the Saints Send your Spirit, hear our prayer. Anonymous November 1, at 9: Unfortunately, the video above is poor on the visual.

Not only was there no sung Litany of the Saints this morning there was no music at all. Carol Anderson – Atlanta January 27, at Felix I, Pope, zealous in the work of evangelization St. Linus, Cletus, and Clement, pray for us.

Through Christ, our Lord. Innocent and Boniface, pray for us.


Litany of the Saints testo

By your incarnation, save your people. So much so, that despite all my own liturgical common sense that dictated otherwise, I did use it as the communion hymn at my wedding 18 months ago.

A few litanies may not incorporate this pattern of responses, but will still be bcker by a repetitive phrase, so that each litany has, as one of its qualities, many repetitions. Mary and Joseph, pray for us.

TIDAL: Listen to Litany of the Saints by John D. Becker on TIDAL

Fabian and Sebastian, SS. Of these, the Litany of the Saints is the oldest, said to have originated aroundwhen it was used by St. Tarcisius, youth with great ideals and brave defender of the Faith St.