Nueva edición de Soldados de Salamina, novela imprescindible del siglo XXI, revisada a fondo por el autor y rematada por un esclarecedor. : Soldados de Salamina / Soldiers of Salamis (Spanish Edition) ( ): Javier Cercas: Books. Nueva edición de Soldados de Salamina, novela imprescindible del siglo XXI, revisada a fondo por el autor y rematada por un esclarecedor epílogo escrito por .

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It is metafictional in so far as the story it tells is purportedly the story of the writing of the book itself: Rather than taking away from the realism of the text, if sxlamina the metafiction enhances it, salakina the book seem less metafictional per se less a fiction about a fiction than self-reflective: After all, it is undeniable that Javier Cercas the author has written a book entitled Soldados de Salamina ; we hold it in our hands.

So when the narrator, also named Javier Cercas, claims to have done the same, we tend to believe him. Moreover, many of the central cerrcas of the book are a matter of historical record: This dramatic episode from the last days of the Civil War sounds almost too good an inspiration to be true for a blocked writer as both narrator and author are said to have been: And yet, we are told even more often, the book that the narrator is writing is not a novel at all: But of course the fact of the matter is that, unlike the book the narrator is writing, the book we are reading is neither one long lie nor completely true.


Cercas the narrator whose father has just cecas is not quite Cercas the author whose father is still alive. So, does any of this matter?

Soldados de Salamina / Soldiers of Salamis

What function does Miralles enable the book to perform? Miralles is a veteran not only of the Spanish Civil War in which he is on the losing, Republican side but also of World War Two, in which he fights—ceaselessly, without respite—as a member of the French Foreign Legion, from North Africa to Normandy to Paris he is in the first Allied unit to liberate the French capital and on to Germany and Austria.

As such, he converts defeat into victory, and what is more the book claims we are all in his debt. The tragedy is that his service is now forgotten: No wonder Soldados de Salamina had such success when it was published in dalamina If anything, he was something of coward who simply caught a lucky break in managing to flee a fate that he eminently deserved.

Yet the book ends up treating him with a strange sympathy, and not only because it focuses on a moment at which—terrified, cowering dalamina the undergrowth of a Catalan forest at the mercy of a Republican militiaman who unaccountably decides not to give him up—he is at his weakest and most vulnerable.

For soldadoos is not just left-wing revolutions that are betrayed: In short the Falange, too, was betrayed by Franco, just as it had urged Franco and his ilk to betray Spain.


And as for winning the war, yes unlike the fictional Miralles he has a street in Bilbao named after him, but otherwise he is basically forgotten. Indeed, if it were not for the stunning success of Soldados de Salaminahe would be more forgotten still.

Soldados de Salamina

The character of Miralles, then, though presented as part of a paean to memory and the power of testimony, in fact functions within the novel to help us forget its own portrayal of Falangism.

Better therefore, as antidote to such unwelcome memories, to invent a caricature hero, indelibly scarred but indefatigable warrior jacier all the right causes.

Onwards, onwards, ever onwards. Spanish Civil War novels.

Soldados de Salamina: Javier Cercas: : Books

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