Leonora Christina Ulfeldt’s “Jammers-minde.”: en egenhændig Skildring af hendes Fangenskab i by Leonora Christina Ulfeldt, Sophus Birket. Posts about Jammers Minde written by jonathan Title, Jammers Minde. Author, Leonora Christina Ulfeldt. Illustrated by, Hans Ovesen. Publisher, Gyldendal A/S, ISBN, ,

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By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. After writing a short autobiography mammers French inshe embarked on Jammers Minde which she completed after her release from prison in Their imprisonment had mindw both degrading and cruel and once released Ulfeldt plotted his revenge on Frederick. The work, first published inis included in the Danish Culture Canon. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: It was written with a political and tactical purpose and is considered an existential religious writing, radical for its time in its reporting of personal confession and crisis.

The conditions in the prison were both degrading and vile. Charles was unwilling to help and had Leonora arrested at Dover on her way back to the Continent. Considered to be Denmark’s most important 17th-century prose work, Jammers Minde is a defensive, intimate and dramatic account, which brings back to life the painful years of Leonora’s imprisonment.

This, however, was to be his ultimate undoing. The state of the dying queen mother and the pain-wracked expression on her face presumably comforted Zahrtmann! Views Read Edit View history.

Jammers Minde conveys the woman’s conscious will to describe her experience without succumbing to her fate. Corfitz Ulfeldt held great powers at the royal court but became more and more ambitious and grasping and it was these traits along with some bad political decisions which had him and the king fall out.


They had actually been engaged since she was nine years old! He escaped the jaws of death but died in a Rhine boating accident during one of his flights from impending arrest. He graduated from the Academy jmmers when he was twenty-five years of age and it was in this year that he first exhibited some of his first work at the Charlottenborg, the palace in which was situated the Danish Academy of Fine Arts.

It contains a host of vivid details: It was a posthumous autobiography written by Leonora during her twenty-two year solitary incarceration in the Blue Tower in Copenhagen Castle and which was not published until years later, in When you are at the pinnacle there is only one direction one can munde — down!

InUlfeldt decided that the lesser of two evils was to escape from Sweden with his wife Leonora Christina and return to his homeland, Denmark, and try and make his peace with Frederick III.

Leonora Christina Ulfeldt’s “Jammers-minde”. En egenhændig skiedring of hendes – Free Ebook

It is believed that some time later her sons had her body removed from the church and laid to rest in a secret location where her husband had been interred. His second wife was Kirsten Munk, the daughter of a wealthy court official, who had been living with her family at the royal palace in Copenhagen.

munde Leonora Christina died in March and was buried in the crypt of the monastery which is now the church at Maribo on the Danish island of Lolland. My blog today is a mixture of art and history.

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Skip to content Kristian Zahrtmann My blog today is a mixture of art and history. This money minee to help Charles facilitate the war against Denmark which began in July Ulfeldt even took part in these treaty negotiations, during which he took great pleasure in denigrating his former homeland.

He married his first wife Anne Catherine inwhen he was twenty years of age, and the couple went on to have seven children, four of whom died in infancy. His act of treason against the Danish monarch was discovered and he was condemned to death in absentia. Leonora Christina, like four of her sisters, did not marry princes from one of the many European monarchies but instead her father allowed them to marry powerful and wealthy Danish noblemen in an attempt to assure their allegiance to the monarchy.

Zahrtmann was a painter, who produced landscapes, street scenes as well as many fine portraits but he was especially known for his history painting and especially paintings which featured legendary, and often tragic, females in Danish history. It is considered to be the finest piece of prose work written in 17th-century Denmark. Leonora’s ability to describe the appearance and behaviour of those she was forced to come into contact with has left a picture of a series of minee figures, mainly women, who would otherwise have been forgotten.

At the miinde time, he received private instruction from the genre painter Wenzel Ulrich.