Inmarsat confidential. IsatHub (Q3 ). Real-time IP data /kbps; Compact and lightweight; Easy to use; Android/Apple control & voice apps; Multiple. Inmarsat confidential. Inmarsat – The Mobile Satellite Company. Powering Global Connectivity. Inmarsat and global aviation safety. May By Christian. Inmarsat confidential. • Broadband, Voice and M2M. • I-4 satellites in service. • $ billion investment. • AlphaSat extension in • % network availability .

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The provision of our mobile satellite communication services in some countries could cause us to incur additional costs, could expose us to fines and could confidntial our ability to provide services. The problem with this kind of analysis is that, taken by themselves, the ping data are ambiguous.

Balance at 1 January audited. Cash cojfidential hedge reserve. Actuarial losses from pension and post-employment benefits 0. There is only one published north-south inmxrsat route in the south-eastern Indian Ocean.

As a result, the search area for MH has remained very large. Purchase of property, plant and equipment. This also disproves the claim that MH flew low over Kota Bharu. To further investigate these signals, a search of the ocean floor around the detections was performed by a number of vessels.

Network and satellite operations costs. Forward foreign currency contracts – undesignated. Net decrease in cash and cash equivalents.

You should read the following discussion together with the whole of this document including the historical consolidated financial results and the notes. Adjusted earnings per share for profit attributable to the equity holders of the Company during the period.

Inmarsat plc – Interim Results – RNS – London Stock Exchange

We define free cash flow “FCF” as cash generated from operations less capital expenditure including own work capitalisednet interest and cash tax payments. But repeated searches by a robotic submarine have so far failed to find the source of the pings, which experts say could have come from marine animals or even from the searching ships themselves.

Amounts subsequently reclassified to the Income Statement: An international air and maritime force conducted a surface search of drifted regions along the 7th arc from 18 March to 28 April FB installations in confidrntial quarter cinfidential strong, and grew quarter-on-quarter, and ARPU remains on an upward trend, as customers migrate to higher value packages.


We remain confident that the approvals process is on track and that the regulatory risk around the S-band investment will be substantially retired by the end of this year. But it was never intended to give us real time surveillance over that whole area — in the direction of Seychelles in the west to the line of Fiji in the east — extending thousands of kilometres out. The results of these calculations were consistent with fuel exhaustion occurring close to the 7th arc.

Amounts capitalised in the cost of qualifying assets VSAT revenue growth almost all XpressLink was driven by new users, with almost 40 new installations per month in the quarter taking the total installed base to almost 2, ships at the end of the period. In addition, our contractual relationships with our distribution partners may be subject to regulatory challenge, which could require us to renegotiate the contractual relationships and could result in the imposition of fines.

And ocean searches are futile when the overwhelming possibility of landing is ignored. As at 31 December. The Group has no financial instruments that are determined by reference to significant unobservable inputs i.

Total segment operating profit. Operating costs in both our US and non-US government businesses declined, mainly due to the lower revenue base, and as the expansion into new countries slowed, following the major investments in We define EBITDA as profit before interest, taxation, depreciation and amortisation, loss on disposal of assets, acquisition-related adjustments, impairment losses and share of profit of associates.

The interim dividend is not recorded as a liability in the financial statements at 30 June Inmarsat may be bound by confidentiality agreements with its customers, not to mention U. This difference largely arises as, in the half 0214 ended inmarwat Junethe Group has both tax due in jurisdictions where inmqrsat statutory tax rate is higher than the UK as well as non-UK losses arising in other jurisdictions for which no benefit is recognised.

Considerations on defining the search area – MH370

Based on this measure, a possible location ring can be mapped on the surface of the earth Figure 3. However the rate of decline is slowing and in some areas, such as surveillance, reconnaissance and tactical communications, spending is confidentlal resilient. Taken together, these tiny pieces of information made it possible to narrow down the range of possible routes that the plane might have taken. See the chart at the top of the post. Net cash used in financing activities. Cash flow from investing activities.


Major development agreements for the construction of the S-band complementary ground network across the European Union and the delivery of On Board Equipment are also close to completion. The final secondary radar point was at approximately Amounts not subsequently reclassified to the Income Statement: Except as described below, the condensed consolidated financial statements are based upon accounting policies and methods consistent with those in the Group’s annual consolidated financial statements prepared under IFRS, set out on pages 88 to We believe that net borrowings is a useful measure as it indicates the level of borrowings after taking account of the financial assets within our business that could be utilised to pay down the outstanding borrowings.

Furthermore, the gradual extension of terrestrial wireline and wireless communications networks to areas not currently served by inmaesat may reduce demand for some of our land mobile services in those areas. You are cautioned not to rely on these forward-looking statements, which speak only as of the date of this announcement. Year ended 30 214. If the effort to find the plane using an underwater robot comes up empty, then there should be a long and sustained call for the Malaysian authorities to reveal their data and explain exactly how they came to their conclusions.

Connections and data traffic in the business aviation market are still growing strongly, and aviation safety services continue to be in the industry spotlight, with a range of new services being trialled in a number of jurisdictions.

The BFO is the measure of the difference between the expected frequency of the transmission and the frequency received at the ground station. There is a risk that our distribution partners or service providers could fail to distribute our services effectively, or fail to offer services at prices which are competitive. Our business is subject to regulation and we face increasing regulation with respect to the transmission of our satellite signals.

Senior Notes due Financing and foreign exchange risk We have a significant amount of inmarsa and may incur substantial additional debt in the future.