A hydrophore can refer to: Hydrophore (sampling), a scientific instrument for obtaining samples of water from a body of water from any desired depth; Hydrophore (system) [nl]. This new electronically controlled hydrophore system incorporates state of the art frequency drives, pumps and control technology. Why hydrophore system is mandatory onboard? Hope you know that the demand of freshwater is different in different parts of the ship ranging from minimum.

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Your email address will not be published. Once the pressure reach 4. But for long term solution you have to apply soap solution on all joints and key leak point. Ysstem pumps are controlled by the pressure switches installed on hydrophore tanks.

Now the pump will cut-in when the pressure reach 4. In long run prepare the system to be DE-pressurize; open air supply valve and overall it. Pressure in the water vessel are maintained by an air cylinder rack syystem a booster pump that refills after each use.

The output from the domestic fresh water sysgem tank is connected to lines for domestic use, to fuel oil purifier and expansion tank; while the hyerophore of drinking fresh water tank to the U. Documentation normally includes the following:. So we have domestic and drinking fresh water system on board ship which utilize the pressure in hydrophore tanks to supply fresh water. It is this device which send signal to selector switch that pass on that signal to continue pumping to the selected pump.

Learn how your comment data is processed. Home Systems Hydrophore Systems. Being under charged is one of the most common problem of hydrophore. These pumps are operated based on the hydrophore pressure using pressure switch. On board ship hudrophore is a separate hydrophore tank and supply line for drinking water known as drinking fresh water line.


Most of you must be familiar with the water tanks on the top of our home or on street at quite some hight Syshem Make sure to watch that the pump cut-in and cutoff ssytem the desired pressure next time. All design parameters of the Firenor hydrophore system can be customized as needed in order to meet specific project requirements.


In hydrophore system, a hydrophore pump Centrifugal takes suction from the fresh water tank through tank outlet valve, non-return and pump suction valve.

Cover all sections of piping with a single system.

What is a Hydrophore System ? | Marine Notes

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. This pressurizes the pipes and practically preventing the risk of a pressure surge by preventing the vacuum from ever forming. Gravity works as a source to supply water at desired pressure at all points. There is a continues use of water on ship from drinking to sanitary purposes.

Have you ever imagined how fresh water is transported to all decks hydrophord places on ship? At first fix this problem temporarily by crack open the vent valve and letting some air go.

When a high flow firewater consumer starts before the fire water pumps, water is drained from the highest points of the ring main. An equilibrium is maintained in between the levels of air and water with air pressure; which helps in transporting water to the top.

Temporarily you can fix this problem by switching pump to manual and drain the excess water or utilizing in engine room. Then when the air pressure is 4. When the pressure inside the hydrophore reduced to a certain value the pump start. Once pumped it is discharged into hydrophore tank via pump discharge valve. Open your air supply valve and pressurize tank up till 5.

This pressure hydrophorr on the hydrophore ststem contains a below that expands and contract based on hydrophore tank pressure. Make sure the water is always visible through the gauge glass throught sysgem operation.

In small ships or industries with small hydrophore the system may be required to cut in at 2. But to charge the system manually; first open the vent, start the pump and watch hyrrophore level through sight glass.


Avoid overcharging, otherwise air will came out of the taps with water. To prevent this dangerous situation, the hydrophore system will discharge water into the firewater ring main from the hydrophore water vessel as soon as the pressure control valve senses a pressure drop.

Water is stored in the hydrophore tanks situated in the engine yydrophore It is then pressurized using compressed air from air bottle via pressure reducing valve.

The Firenor hydrophore system is a safety system designed to prevent pressure surges in the firewater distribution piping that occur when a deluge system or any other sjstem consuming systems release water before fire water pumps are up and running. V sterilizer before consumption.

Fresh Water Hydrophore System in Ship – ShipFever

The water vessel for the Firenor hydrophore system has a standard water capacity that is capable of functioning for up to 30 seconds, long enough to prevent pressure surges in standard fire protection systems. You can consider its working similar hydrophlre that of below in your bathroom sink.

Make sure that the pump cutoff at 5. These pumps can be either self primed or are situated at lower level that of the tank. This drain results in a vacuum in the upper levels of the ring main.

Marine Pressure Hydrophore Tank

The situation can be found with no water hydtophore at the accommodation top. Documentation normally includes the following: The engineering department produces documentation relevant to all phases of the project. Quick Charge the hydrophore tank up to it reach 4.

Close the vent and open the sydtem pressure air supply valve. Furthermore, the entire system also includes all valves and instrumentation necessary for standard operation, maintenance, and testing.