Manuals or user guides for your HP c Digital Sender. Search all support . HP C Digital Sender Embedded Web Server – User Guide, MB. The system administrator can configure the device to require a username and password in order to use some or all of the digital-sender features. If you try to use. HP c Digital Sender to searchable text files in popular formats, including. PDF HP Digital Sending Software (DSS) 4 provides the digital sender with the .

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Up to four types of address books are available on the diggital. If the system administrator has enabled billing codes, you might be prompted for a billing code after you touch Start. They might sended a certain file type for the scanned document or might interact with third-party software, such as a document management system, so files that are sent to a particular destination can be automatically processed. Select from the products you own.

If a file-size limit is set and the e-mail attachment exceeds the limit, the e-mail attachment will be divided up and sent using multiple e-mails. You can place originals either on the scanner glass or in the ADF. How does Sendr install software and gather data? Touch the Configure button on the control-panel Fax screen. Creating a recipient list To create a recipient list, follow these steps on the touchscreen of the graphical display:. Use the control-panel keypad to type the fax number s to which you want to send the document, or use one of the one-touch buttons see the following section for 9250cc on setting up the the one-touch buttons.


The serial number provided does not match the previously selected product. Touch to open the address book. When selecting a dpi setting, you should consider how the scanned document will be used. You are sendr automatically logged out after a period of inactivity.

Javascript is disabled in this browser. See Changing the Original Settings for details about these settings. The software verifies that a valid path name has been specified. Touch OK to accept the address list and return to 9250d Fax screen. Finish typing any necessary information in the CC: Letter-sized single page with mixed text and color graphics.

JPG formats produce a single file for each scanned page. Click this button to select whether you want to receive a status message for every fax sent, or only if there is an error. Please wait while we process your request.

The program asks you to confirm the delete operation. Recipients can then manipulate the document file in various programs to meet their specific needs. Using the address book You can send to a list of recipients by using the address book feature of the digital sender. Changing the settings Touch the Settings button on the Fax screen, and then touch Fax Settings to see the Settings screen.

Example of Original Sener screen. The fax is not sent until the billing code has been typed. These addresses are available to all users. The system administrator can change this setting. Touch the check box next to each speed dial entry that you want to delete. If you select an applicable LAN fax product, a Notify button will appear on the fax home screen. The recipient can manipulate the.


HP c Digital Sender User Guides | HP® Customer Support

Touch the Yes button to delete the selected speed-dial entries. Sending to a folder.

This standard sende format interfaces well with many computer programs and can be manipulated by the recipient. Touch the Username and Password buttons and type your network login information to continue. The length of the message is limited to characters.

Touch the button on the keyboard screen to open the address book.

HP 9250c Digital Sender User Guides

Hold your finger on the arrow to scroll searchhable through the list. The Virtual Agent is currently unavailable. Highlight the name to select a recipient, and then touch the Add button.

The system administrator can also limit the size of digital-sending e-mail attachments during the digital-sender configuration process.

When you are satisfied with your recipient list, touch OK.

Type the path for the folder by using the keyboard interface that appears. Different login information is required for different network configurations:. As you type the required address or name at the keyboard screen, the device automatically searches the address book list and shows the first matching address.

When you are ready to send, touch Start to begin scanning the document. Personal button shows the user’s personal address book.