Products 1 – 20 of 44 What ever your RC car needs are we are here to help, we stock all the leading brands like Losi, Answer RC, HPI, Go Engines and many. Results 1 – 48 of Hong Nor fhss hnt-3 radio ghz rc buggy truggy ofna mugen hpi losi .. (Hong Nor XT) Truggy X1-CRT Steel Spur Gear 62T OFNA. FOR SALE,hong nor x1 crt 1/8 truggy in as new condition with 28 engine, wheel type 27mhz radio gear with gws failsafe, if you have any.

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Ive run my custom truggy like that before – about mm deeper in I’m loathe to drill the honng when I don’t need hogn. Bar the fumes and having to work outside it was much easier this way. Crrt to Repair a broken Plastic Part. If the car lands nose up from a jump, this is indicative of the front dampers having too much pack. Do you think the X2 diffs are necessary? Dampers – What they do and How they work. It is generally cheaper than new, ready built and may come with a variety of expensive hop-ups already installed.

Examine the drive shafts for wear and replace as required. The chassis should dip slightly below then back up again to the pre-set ride height, in one smooth movement. Well, it gives you some insight to what changing the position of your camber links can do to the way your car handles.

Hong Nor X1-CRT (Radio Controlled Model)

Posted June 29, Both ends should respond equally when dropped, if not, change your pistons or oil weights until they do. Employing a number of sensible ideas, find out how you can avoid Radio interference, and problems with your Servo, by making a few changes to the layout of your equipment in your chassis. Ideal for smooth high grip tracks, with long bong corners. Lowering the inside camber link position raises roll center and raising the inside camber link position, lowers the roll center.

  CIENA 6500 PDF

Picked her up and discovered it wasn’t your average CRT, but not a Pro either. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Caster – To help your car go faster.

hobao hyper st vs hong nor x1-crt

The simple definition of roll center is a point in space that the chassis rolls from side to side as the car maneuvers around a corner. For more information, take a look at my article, How to get the best from your Bearings. Posted April 10, edited. As it is it crtt the shell but a fat 6s pack will be right upto the side – it’d be nice to have a bit of ‘crumple’ zone before the battery.

Sign in with Facebook. You need to change the pistons on the rear for larger holes and also use thicker oil to maintain static damping.

Sign in Already have an account? Pack, is the speed your damper reacts to any quick compression and can be considered to be a consequence of the size or number of holes in the piston. Drifting Tips crg A step by step guide. After your basic setup, you then need to test hoong car on the track. As with pack, this is related to the number or size of the piston holes. If not supplied with your purchase, they can often be downloaded from the Crrt Nor website, or purchased separately on eBay.

DIff internals are remarkably similar to Hobao’s Posted March 1, However, depending on the age of your purchase, it may need a little tender loving care before you can take it out on the back yard. It’s on the nkr to it pile! Longer links increase the rate of change.


In high speed crash situations, the fragile gear teeth of the servo can be broken off, rendering your expensive servo useless, so be sure to obtain a good quality “Servo Saver”.

As I was a bit low on isoproponyl I went old school and cleaned them in good old unleaded – much much quicker – barely needed any brushing just a swill round.

Front and rear end rebuilt, new hardware where any wear was seen, all plastics are good though the drive shafts and turnbuckles have a little surface rust.

Smaller holes, more pack, larger holes, less pack.

Sign In or Sign Up. Specially after the stone guards but i’ll take the lot if you let me know how much postage is please. Bearings – Professional Tips to make them work for you. I could do that, maybe stick a little seat in the face to help the grub screw bit too, then just keep an eye on the centre diff cup. A thin nir of grease is often used on internal gears and although this is fine for basic running around on the back yard, if you intend to race your Truggy at a higher level, this should be removed and replaced with racing oil ZX1 or Teflon Oil.

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