T. B. Gunning (–89), American dentist] n. A solid metal splint linking the mandible and maxilla together to provide fixation for a fractured mandible. A splint is. Undisplaced or minimally displaced fractures of the mandible in elderly patients are usually treated by closed reduction. Gunning-type splints or. Gunning splint is a prosthetic aid designed to stabilize the reduced fractured mandibular segments. It is a viable treatment option for atrophic edentulous.

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Gunning splint

Also, open reduction of fracture site is not gunnimg due to compromised medical condition of the patient at older age.

Shrinivas Dharaskar Department of Prosthodontics, Dr.

The Elderly Surgical Patient: None, Conflict of Interest: There was no laceration or hematoma on the mucosa.

Int J Oral Maxillofac Surg. In edentulous cases, even the previous dentures can also be used as splints to stabilize the fractured segments, if the fracture line is present in the denture bearing area 4. Due to edentulism, guidelines provided by occluding teeth for reduction and fixation of fracture, are absent.

Ormand B An improved Gunning splint. History revealed that the patient had trauma in mandibular anterior region 8 gunniny ago.


It is an acrylic, single unit prosthesis with gap in the anterior region to allow food intake. An unusual bilateral pathological fracture. Aziz SR, Najjar T.

Less precise alignment in edentulous patients may be acceptable as no opposing teeth and occlusion is involved. The rationale of conservative treatment approach using Gunning splint in elderly patient with case report is discussed. National Center for Biotechnology InformationU.

Use of Gunning Splint for the Treatment of Edentulous Mandibular Fracture: A Case Report

J Dent Tehran Summer 9 3: Medical Record New York ; In almost all the selected and planned cases of fractured atrophic edentulous mandible, a satisfactory union of the fractured segments can be obtained with Gunning type of splint. It holds together fractured segments of mandibular bone and immobilizes the jaws in occlusion.

Fractures of the edentulous mandible: Gunning type splints, when properly spling and planned for a particular case; prove to be a very good treatment option for fractured atrophic edentulous mandible. Philadelphia, PA, Saunders, Abstract Fractures of edentulous mandible are common in elderly persons. Anita Hooda, Dr, M. However, it was planned to retain this tooth till jaw relation registration as it could be used as a reliable reference for establishing the occlusal vertical dimensions.

Br J Oral Surg ; Edentulousness and increased age has been important risk factor for mandible fracture. Contraindicated in unfavourably displaced fractures 3. The splints are easy to fabricate, are cost effective and minimally invasive for the treatment of fractured jaw segments. These parts were then repositioned to resemble normal mandibular contours.


The fractures of edentulous mandible represent a group of maxillofacial injuries that more commonly affect the geriatric patients. A Gunning splint for the edentulous mandible consists of a type of monoblock resembling two bite blocks joined together. Arun Kumar, Dr, M. J Craniofac Surg ;4: Immobilization is carried out by attaching the upper splint to maxilla gunnint per-alveolar wiring and the lower splint to the mandibular body by circumferential wires.

Use your account on the social network Facebook, to create a profile on BusinessPress. Gunning Splint can be used for stabilization when complete dentures are not available. Due to decreased vascularity and dense sclerotic nature of bone, open reduction of mandible will lead to slow and complicated healing process spliny the fracture site.

No other significant finding was observed in the oral cavity.