well since i cant sleep i will post some pictures of the 1st two pattern i made for the shaper, i hope to get them cast next week some time, the 1st.

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The main gear had large holes machined in teh center and offered no place to bolt the bull wheel slide used to change the length of the stroke.

I wish i had pictures of the hingery fired up and working with the molds and molten aluminum. I didn’t know splines and dovetails were called that way, even though I’ve seen many times.

For me it’s like trying to find a business phone with all the businesses listed by phone number!!!! If ya cant cast it, Forge it RSS http: Thanks for posting this! All times are GMT. HSS or what ever they need to be made out of for the job at hand. As the ram moves forward and back, the gnigery scrapes and peels off layers of metal by sheer brute force. I was lucky enough to have access to a full sized milling machine at teh time to do the critical spacing of the holes.

What cutter does shapfr have? He then used the shapre to get the end of the ram perpendicular to the ways, but unless the core is exactly parallel to the ram ways, the end of the ram and the hole created by the core are not perpendicular. Based on “PukiWiki” 1. So all the aluminum pieces you see in the pictures below were hand cast by me. Mechanical assemblies attached to teh bull wheel, advance a rachet wheel every revolution ginvery slide the table a hair each stroke.

Results 1 to 10 of Learned a lot of things in the process.


Had the same kind of tool holder and everything. I got bored when it came to the final tuning of it, but its been about 12yrs since I made it and i still cant bring myself to sell it or give it away lol. The gears are from an old motorcycle engine. Two fingery web references for building the Shaper Step-by-Step are http: If you want a spline drive it will put the splines on it.

Both gingerj used commercial lathe s and mill s in the construction and both made useful and intelligent modifications.

Truth comes in two formats: Powered by PHP 5. This ensures the bore and the end of the ram are perpendicular. A lot of filing and scraping of the ram is required to get a good fit with the rotating head. However the photos and explanations apply to whether you build the Shaper a’la Gingery or modify it or use other machine ry. The sites contain detailed photos of the patterns, the casting process, machining and assembly.

Gingery Metal Shaper Video

The time now is Pretty simple yet useful. Im keen to see the finished parts. So the cutting head goes back and forth and cuts shapes materials. Building the Shaper Step-by-Step. I actually never really have used the machine which is sad to say. Tomorrow I will cast a gear or two to change mine over to gear drive. Whaper approach to making the rotating head was to cast the ram around a steel core. I fully intend to adopt modifications and suggestions from both sites in my Shaper and have started my own drawings shapsr plans to take into account the variations.

What ever cutter you put in it.

I found that trying to find what I need and then make it work with what I have, is more trouble than designing what I want and doing it. The toolbit is also held in a clapper block, so that on the back stroke, the toolbit can flip up slightly ginggery will not be dragged forceably against the work on the return stroke.


Gingery Metal Shaper

Walkthrough of my machine: Here is a video of one in action not mine The operator can set: Page 1 of 3 1 2 3 Last Jump to page: For someone like me who has difficullty in imagining a piece, they provide a much needed shortcut. A simpler approach is to bolt the ram to the lathe carriage and with a boring tool in the lathe spindle, bore out the end of the ram cast with a slighly smaller core or drill out on the lathe.

Similarily, for the pinion, it didnt have a way to mount it to the drive sharf, so I carefully welded a set screw collar onto the pinion face so that I could securly mount it to the shaft. Patterns always look interesting, but what does a metal shaper? This project is project number 3 and comes after you have built your own metal casting foundryand metal lathe. With the same setup, flycut the end of the ram. Casting your own metal parts is an extremely powerful capability.

All in all, it was an awesome project and a great way to learn about how to design functional things with minimal tooling. Never heard of it before but I like full ehaper machines whatever they make 8. If you are not having fun, you are not doing it right. If the spelins rong blam the wife! They were usually ground different.

If you look close you will see how i remedied this.