Source that I used for the video: Atheism vs. Christianity: Which Way Does the Evidence Point. Frank Zindler is an American atheist and he is currently the editor of American Atheist Magazine and Director of American Atheist Press. Frank R. Zindler. Showing all 9 results. Sort by popularity, Sort by latest, Sort by price: low to high, Sort by price: high to low.

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On burden of proof, comparison is made thusly: Now, do we see how easy it is? It took my prodding to keep Lowder honest, since that’s apparently a hard thing for him to do if left unchecked, by forcing him to change what he wrote. What factors decided the formation of the NT canon? It is an interesting question, too, as to WHY Marcion would have drawn up such a list, if other “lists” did not already exist.

On the spread of Christianity, Zindler says, “A similar argument could be made, however, in the case of the earlier rapid spread of Mithraism.

Frank Zindler

Fran what is Zindler left with in the NT? The Montanists focused on “ecstatic utterances” and created “new scriptures” based on those utterances. Here are a couple of Tacitus points: A place where he supposes the virgin birth is disputed — as found in ONE manuscript. Reason plays a role too.

In the next few lines Zinder lays out a tour de force zindlerr which he proposes, without a shred of documentation, a scenario of “Christianity condensed out of a variety of Jewish and pagan mystery cult and zinfler associations,” of alleged competing groups such as “Jewish proto-Christians [who] claimed that their church was the only authentic one because it was supposed to have been founded by men apostles who had had visions of the risen Christ” — he does not name this group, but seems to refer zindper the Ebionites, a group whose existence farnk evidenced no earlier than ADof ungrounded speculation.


Zindler names none, footnotes none, and until he does, as far as we are concerned, “some scholars” means “no one. He also refers to the Gospels as “Scripture. Finally the danger is made greater for Lincoln as it is shown that there was a greater plot to assassinate others at the same time. Zindler may as well say that “there is little evidence that Josephus knew or cared anything about the geography or real-life circumstances of the stage on which their actors play out their parts.

Frank Zindler – Conservapedia

Robertson Acharya S Gilbert T. For today, of course, we are free as always to choose what parts of the Bible we accept In particular, 1 Clement refers to a phoenix as an actual living creature! But it should be noted that the more distinctive a style might be, the easier it can be imitated.

The Eastern churches accepted it as canonical by the 3rd century, and the Western churches, by the 4th.

In service of this Zindler goes as far as inventing a group he calls the “brothers of the Lord. It is helpful to look at these: Again, any time these titles are brought up, it is a good idea to see if whoever flies them on the flagpole knows what they actually contain and what their history is. Allusion is made to Dionysus turning water to wine see here and it is said, “Nor is there anything in the Signs Gospel that would lead one to suppose that it was an eye-witness account.

I say Tiberius never existed. This is quite true. Irenaeus quotes all of our present NT works except Philemon, 2 Peter, 3 John, and Jude – whether due to length or lack of recognition cannot be determined.

Frank Zindler – Wikipedia

It is said, “The main character of the book referred to 28 times would seem to be ‘the Lamb,’ an astral being seen in visions no claims to historicity hereand the book overall is redolent of ancient astrology. The earliest “hard” indication we have of any sort of classification zondler categorization of OT books – aside from internal OT references frznk the books of Moses, and assuming that the reference is not a late feank, as some do – comes from the Wisdom of Sirach, a book dated to approximately BC and written by Sirach’s grandson.


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The wealth of textual witnesses for the NT is almost embarrassing in its profundity; the popular comparison to the Iliad, with around witnesses versus the NT, with over 24,and a comparison to secular works like those of Tacitus with less than a dozen witnesses, speaks for itself and yet we see now panic over “what Tacitus originally said” from any quarter.

We believe that we will show without a doubt that Lincoln’s life, as frwnk and reworked in the 20th century, was built upon the foundation of Kennedy. Also working against any idea that some important text was lost or added is evidence that textual criticism was already in process as early as the second and third century!

These seven books listed gained access to the canon only after considerable debate over whether they could be attributed to the persons that bear their names or in zindelr case of Hebrews, to Paul or one of his close companions such as Barnabas, Luke or Apollos.

Ireneaus does identify two criteria for acceptance: However, it was certainly a motivating factor in the formation of the canon.

He also mentions two books outside of our current NT: