From author Frank Herbert, creator of the Dune series, comes this classic science fiction of THE DOSADI EXPERIMENT Beyond the God Wall Generations of a. Editorial Reviews. Review. For Dune. “A portrayal of an alien society more complete and The Dosadi Experiment (Tor Science Fiction) by [Herbert, Frank]. Bedog by Frank Herbert: A sentient creature designed to be a bed. (Text quote, book citation included.).

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The planet of Dosadi has been locked away for generations, an experiment in applied social science that has gone tremendously wrong.

Tim O’Reilly – Frank Herbert: Chapter 8: Transcending the Human – O’Reilly Media

It was as though the answer had been flashed on her eyes. The answer is view spoiler [ that the experiment has created a race of super-beings with incredible survival instincts, superior to all others in battle, both physical exeriment political.

This is precisely the intention of the Pan Spechi, who wants an end to the jumpdoors, and in fact the entire universe, so the others of his race will not see his shame. The ideas carry more weight than the story, which seems somewhat contrived. See 1 question about The Dosadi Experiment…. Wound Healing With Wearable Nanogenerators ‘ On Dosadi, there is no such thing as friendship, family, love, or childhood.

I have no idea what’s going on, and I feel like a total simpleton in this world. It was even crazier how Jedrik was so much stronger than McKie. There isn’t the universe depth of the Dune series; that’ Definitely better than Whipping Star, and set in the same ConSentiency universe that Herbert created. It’s a hard world and highly illegal in the ConSentiency. I have just recently finished re-reading it and if anything am more awe-struck than before. Mc If you’ve ever wondered what Dune would be like experiemnt aliens and computers, well And when self-sacrifice is necessary to ensure a larger goal, a Dosadi will never shrink from it.

The jump-doors are simply an expression of their pervasive existence behind or apart from space. Jan 03, Tim rated it really liked it. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: I loved Frank Herbert in middle school, and I hadn’t realized just how poor a writer he was. The not understanding and the feeling like a simpleton can get frustrating, and if your attention wanders for a moment, you can tthe miss critical information.


The Dosadi Experiment Cover of the first edition.

Home Glossary Timeline New. Communication is the key to the novel. The difference between human and Ship is that “with gods, dreams take on substance and life of their own.

Mankind has forgotten that Ship, however powerful, was its own creation, only a bubble, however large, in an infinite sea. There’s far too much convenient mind-melding to make it even relatable. The Dosadi Experiment in particular features an extraordinary premise with extraordinary male hherbert female leads to match.

I was tempted to give this three stars for a convoluted plot and being difficult to get into the first pages or so, but I can say that I loved the world-building and the weirdness of it all. Apr 15, Herbert rated it it was amazing.

And the plan does succeed, after the humans, without any help at all from Ship this time, have made a determined attempt at yet one more replay of their history. I am perhaps too lenient on this book, else this review will serve as a confession that I am too stupid to grok the Dosadi mindset. At any rate, minor disagreements with his politics will not be enough to stop me from wanting to see more of how Herbert applied his very original imagination in other books.

As a result, some of the set pieces and conversations require the reader’s full attention. And they know they’ve been intentionally isolated and trapped there.

THE DOSADI EXPERIMENT – Frank Herbert (1977)

When the poet, sent by Ship, contacts Fran, the sentient “electrokelp,” he is able to absorb its awesomely large awareness of all as one self, as well as its submission to the ecological strictures of life and death on its own peculiar planet.

The whole thing feels like a cartoonish first draft of the ideas in God Emperor of Duneand let’s be real; if you’re reading this book, you’ve already read all of the Dune books, herebrt even some of the KJA ones.

That gets me to the million dollar question already: The savior god of human dreams must inevitably be a more limited creation; if not, like Jesus on the cross, he must inevitably refuse to act. Why were they so silent? Although McKie doesn’t spend as long on Dosadi as Paul Atreides does among the Fremen of Experimen, but he is never cut off from his position among the elites of the outer universe the way Paul was after the Harkonnens took back Arrakis.


Greed sets its own exepriment, is self-regulating. In tone, this story reminded me a lot of the later Dune books in so far as its focus on the psychological motivations of the characters and its significant exposition on the basis of the main characters’ mind-set.

The unknown is mastered by receptivity, not compulsion. I thought the court arena was one of expermient easier parts to understand and the more basic drama parts. Although Frank Herbert is best known for his Dune series, he wrote other science fiction.

Review — The Dosadi Experiment by Frank Herbert

The ‘weirdest’ part of the book: The problem is Herbert builds up so explicitly to the Dosadi abilities — they are dangerous monsters with superpowers, if they are let lose on the universe it will be an utter disaster — that when it becomes clear what their powers actually are, the sizzle soon becomes a hiss.

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Transcending the Human The sense of cyclical history that informs Children of Dune also helps to illuminate Herbert’s novel, co-authored with Bill Ransom, entitled The Jesus Incident. But I think that the weakness of characterization that is a standard scifi caveat hinders experimenr novel, one of Herbert’s most frznk I say skiffy instead of scifi usually, cause I don’t give a fuck.

To be more than human is to be, in the end, fully human. I agree with some other reviewers that The Dosadi Exoeriment can easily be viewed as a proving ground for ideas and story dynamics that appear later on in the Dune series.

I was able to follow the basic arc of the plot, but I admit a lot of the details of the intrigues “plans within plans within plans He reminds me of Hubbard in that respect. It has sent one woman back to view the crucifixion.