PreSonus FP10 • User guide • Download PDF for free and without registration!. This installation manual will help you obtain a safe, efficient, dependable installation for instructions before beginning your installation. View and Download Presonus Audio electronic FP10 user manual online. bit/ 96k Recording Interface w/ Eight Microphone Preamplifiers. FP10 Recording.

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PreSonus FP10 User Manual | 22 pages

We have everything you need! This warranty is enforceable only by the original retail purchaser. Make sure the microphone does not require phantom power.

Avoid stacking logs to the top of the firebox.

This can easily take up to one hour. The Use Of Manufactured Logs Part number and description.

FP10 LaFayette | Performances fireplaces | Valcourt

Plugging a line level source into the instrument inputs on the front of the FP10 not only risks damage to these inputs but also results in a very loud and often distorted audio signal. It must, however, be noted that a fresh air intake, even if it is not mandatory, will always provide the advantage of better balancing the house with regards to combustion air. Part A – Operation And Maintenance Because of their design technology, condenser microphones require a power source, which can be provided from a small battery, external power supply or from phantom power.


Outside Air Installation This is even favorable in order to properly start your heater. This distinctive hearth tool set contains four instruments: Only add big logs when you have a good bed of red embers. Wood that has been cut for one, two or even more years will not necessarily be dry if it has been stored in poor conditions.

MIDI tracks to record and edit on. If you need to heat two floors, calculate the surface of the lower floor. The BTU output that should be considered by a normal user is the one we advertise for seasoned cordwood. Offset Chimney Installation It lets you know if your unit is receiving word clock correctly. Clearances To Combustible Materials A height of janual feet or higher is ideal.

Use smaller pieces of wood and place them to allow proper air circulation between the logs. If the house has a powerful mechanical exhaust system that may be used while the heater is burning ex: Options and Accessories Options Picture.


PreSonus FP10 User Manual

Obtain a free Duplex fireplace tool set AC with the purchase of any Valcourt wood fireplace. Storage is also key. Push the bottom part of the switch to turn your FP10 off O.

Table Of Contents Minimum Chimney Height Chimney Support Installation Silhouette hearth tool set This distinctive hearth tool set contains four instruments: Back to Factory-built fireplaces Valcourt. Find a retailer near you:. Overall heat output rate min. Maintaining Your Fp 10 Michele Bedard – Recommended manjal area sq.

Before setting up your unit, refer to the installation manual.

A fresh air intake is not mandatory for your wood heater, unless the unit is installed in a mobile home or if the local building code or the manufacturer requires it. Most recent Oldest first Rating: Supply Of Combustion Air Maintaining Your Wood Heating System Locating The Fp10 Lafayette