Frequently asked questions about FCMA soft starters. 1. What is the difference between an FCMA and conventional magnetic amplifier or saturable core reactor . User case study on starting of pumps with FCMA soft starters on captive power in sponge iron plant with a view to save capital cost and maintenance cost. Fcma Soft Starter manufacturers – ELTECH ENGINEERING is a leading manufacturer & exporter of Fcma Soft Starter, Soft Starters, wholesale Fcma Type Soft.

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Automatic Rotor Resistance Starter.

One roof solution for complete starting system both breaker and soft starters panels. Tailored made solution to suite the requirements and customers priorities.

Experienced design team in design and manufacturing of fcma soft starters.


Guaranteed minimum possible lead time. Assured support for commissioning and after sales services. Salient sfot of Fcma Soft Starters: Extremely rugged in construction. Starting current up to less than 1.


Innovative Electrosoft

Built in bypass for full voltage during running. Can be designed for multi motor starting. No harmonics generation- zero harmonics demonstrated. Zero maintenance hence zero operations cost.

CNC fabricated panel construction with up to ip45 protection by default. Indigenous components and magnetic flux control technology. Achieved starting current of 1. Steel industry, cement industry, paper industry, textiles industry, water boards, fertilizers, mining industry, sewage treatment plants.

Data required for accurate starting current. Motor thermal withstand curve. Motor torque speed curve.

Load torque speed curve. Motor rotating inertia gd2. Load rotating inertia gd2. Of starts per hour. Grid capacity minimum scc mva Transformer generator capacity. Voltage drop limitations if any.