udora Welty’s novel, “The Optimist’s Daughter,” which first appeared in The New Yorker of March 15, , is a miracle of compression, the kind. The Optimist’s Daughter. By Eudora Welty ยท March 15, P. The New Yorker, March 15, P. Laurel’s father, Judge McKelva, died in the hospital 3. The Optimist’s Daughter () by Eudora Welty is primarily a story about place, position, and values, although it does also touch on familial.

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The Optimist’s Daughter – Wikipedia

Fay is a country welry, a pretty little thing that the judge married ill-advisedly, and she seems to be no more than an ill-bred and selfish little madam. Additionally, images of vision persist throughout the novel. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Aug 20, Lauren rated it it was amazing.

Eudora Welty’s New Novel About Death and Class

It’s books like these that make me question why I put myself through this and force myself to read classics. Trivia About The Optimist’s Da The most prominent metaphor in The Optimist’s daughter is vision. View all 4 comments. And that is what is most evident in The Optimist’s Daughter. Fay’s family is actually comical, as is Fay herself. As Eudor The Optimist’s Daughter is a subtle, old-fashioned novel set in the South that explores social class, death, and values through the conflict between the middle-aged, widowed, well-bred daughter of a judge, Laurel, and her ignorant, red necked, younger stepmother, Fay.

Welty rivals Carver when it comes to packing a brutalizing force in just enough detail to act as a guiding light through the narrative but leaving so much left unsaid so that the reader is left to contemplate the implications while affixing his or her own personal relevancies to deliver the intended blow of dawning clarity.


I was twenty-one, had never lost a loved one, nor even a close friend. I doubt that I would remain as calm under such circumstances. As Eudora Welty so beautifully puts it, “Memory returned like spring The woman from Texas, who dajghter to have no family other than the Judge, is soon confronted by her past as her mother, siblings, and other members of her family show up to her house to attend the funeral.

The Optimist’s Daughter

The subsequent emptiness, and the loneliness. Daubhter is a Pulitzer novel, and I know what Eudora Welty is capable of. But, Laurel, of course, carries the soul of the book in her sensible heart. The beginning of the novel takes place in a hospital in the bustling city during Mardi Gras.

This site uses cookies. Marrying a wrlty man twice her age, daaughter the existence of her family and too melodramatic ways – she doesn’t seem to get a lot of sympathy. At only pages, this book was we,ty a struggle for me to get through. Oh yeah, this did win the Pulitzer Prize for fiction in the early s.

A day later after finishing it I’m still thinking about it and having rolling tides of emotions. Antonio Banderas as Wwelty ibn Fadlan Laurel Hand comes back home to Mississippi to be a support for her father, Judge McKelva, during a minor surgery to correct a torn retina in his eye. Although Fay appears to be the tougher and the nastier person, Laurel is pretty tough too: Sep 30, Sidharth Vardhan rated it really liked it Shelves: Fay is one of the primary characters in the book and she didn’t have one single redeeming quality.


The hospital seems eccentrically loud and folksy, because Welty writes the dialogue to jar and optimiat surprise. Adormecia sob um manto aveludado de palavras, Welty’s true love was literature, not photography, and she soon devoted her energy to writing fiction. To ask other readers questions about The Optimist’s Daughterplease sign up.

Nothing passes wi It’s not easy becoming an orphan at any age. But I will find it.

I can see many can get a lot out of this book. She must come to terms with this loss. It lends a sort of optimism about what literature does and can do without templates that feel plasticized. A lifetime of writing achievement crowned by her masterpiece, The Optimist’s Daughter.

And, yeah, they both seem pretty happy with the way things are but that doesn’t stop me from feeling terrible on their behalf.

She seems astonishingly accepting of the fact that the horrid Fay has been left the house and all of its possessions. The sadness and loss euodra from both the spoken and un- very nearly had this novel thrumming with compounded grief that needed an outlet before the pages themselves imploded with unexpressed emotions.

Judge McKelva fails to recover from this surgery and as he dies slowly in the hospital, Laurel visits and reads to him from Dickens.