Heinz-Peter Gumm, Manfred Sommer: Einführung in die Informatik (7. Aufl.). Oldenbourg , ISBN , pp. I-XXIII, Heinz-Peter Gumm is the author of Einführung in die Informatik ( avg rating, 5 ratings, 0 reviews, Heinz-Peter Gumm’s Followers Manfred Sommer. H. Peter Gumm, Manfred Sommer: Einführung in die Informatik. 9. edition, Oldenbourg Wissenschaftsverlag, (), pages. (1. and 2. edition: Addison .

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Alan Turing, Enigma and Colossus: Peter Gumm Book 16 editions published in in 3 languages and held by WorldCat member libraries worldwide.

It also mentions several eyewitness reports by people involved with the Zuse Z4, the Cora, and the Curta. Peter Gumm Book 1 edition published in in English and held by 3 WorldCat member libraries worldwide. These documents include contracts concerning the legendary relay calculator Z4 in-vented by and rented from the German Konrad Zuse. Algebra Universalis53 ,pp.

Geometrical methods in congruence modular algebras by H. ETH Zurich was, inthe first university in central Informafik with a functional program-controlled computer. Both companies were located in Zurich. Peter Gumm Book 1 edition published in in German and held by 15 WorldCat member libraries worldwide.


Peter Gumm, Dimitry Zhukov: This volume discusses the decade-long controversy over the invention of the stored program computer von Sojmer architecture. Vanished and forgotten are the products of the world’s former leading makers of mechanical integrators such as Amsler SchaffhausenCoradi Zurichand Ott Kempten.

Programmierung, Algorithmen und Datenstrukturen by H.

H. Peter Gumm – Publikationen

Theoretical Computer Science, pp. Dem Objektorientierten Programmieren und insbesondere der Programmiersprache Java ist ein eigenes Kapitel gewidmet. Coalgebraic structure from weak limit preserving functors. Covarieties and Complete Covarieties.

Gumm, Heinz-Peter

Intended Readers This book is written in broadly understandable language and is intended for specialists, lay persons, collectors, information scientists, mathematicians, historians, curators, archivists, restorers, and everyone dealing with the history of technology.

Geometrical properties of affine algebras.

The latter is in far better condition. Algebra Universalis45- Ideals in universal algebras by H. Durch seine einfhrjng Darstellund sowieBeispiele aus der Praxis holt es die Einsteiger bei deren Wissensstand ab.

Information Processing Letters 47 Riiekbliek und Perspektiven aus jn Sieht der bedarfsprognostisehen Forsehung 42 Norbert Havers Berufswahlmotive und berufliehe Mobilitiitsbarrieren von Lehr amtsstudenten. The text covers modern fields of application, such as internet programming with Python and Java, as well as the programming of mini-computers.


Most of these devices developed since the 17th century — often very clever constructions — have been forgotten.

Einführung in die Informatik

A cancellation theorem vie finite algebras. Mal’cev Conditions in Sums of Varieties. Peter Gumm, Ferdinand Hergert: Discussiones Mathematicae27pp. Transitivity and Difunctionality of Bisimulations.

Some Characterizations of the Commutator. Process Computer for the Einfgrung Clock at the Cathedral of Strasbourg An additional big surprise was the discovery in December of a rare large adding machine in the Strasbourg Historical Museum.

This book offers a worldwide overview of the first computers, the early relay-based, vacuum tube, and transistorized computers, the pioneers both men and women of calcu-lator technology and their masterpieces. Project Page Feedback Known Problems.