THE INDIAN UPRISING Source for information on The Indian Uprising by Donald Barthelme, Reference Guide to Short Fiction dictionary. By: William T. Hathaway “The Indian Uprising” by Donald Barthelme is an iconic short story of the s heralding the defeat of the US empire. The Indian Uprising has 9 ratings and 1 review. Glenn said: The Indian Uprising is among the most popular of Donald Barthelme’s stories, one I.

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Like much postmodern art, this story communicates primarily through feelings and associations rather than rational thought. But at the same time they are very theoretical themselves. Bob simply gets more and more drunk and falls more and more in love.

They take the form of a cultural sophistication that is irrelevant to the struggle they are caught in. As war clubs clatter on the pavements and earthworks are thrown up along the boulevards, people “try to understand.

To her, the only true words are the names urpising things, the litany she recites. But does language really do that? Donald Barthelme’s brothers Frederick – and Steven are also respected fiction writers and teachers at The University of Southern Mississippi.

The reader is expected to play along with the increasingly dissonant nature of these terms until the last general is memorialized by his nickname.

“The Indian Uprising” by Donald Barthelme

His frequent comments about the table he is making from a door seemed to some critics to mean the narrator is preoccupied with trivial details even in the midst of a crisis. They keep up with all the latest art, and they pride themselves in being connoisseurs, collectors of quality.


It may succeed in crushing this latest uprising and continue on its quest for dominance. Barthelme’s method in such juxtapositions is that of collage. Although meaning is viewed as contingent, not rooted in any a priori absolutes, it is still possible.

What Do I Read Next? A door is what you close behind you when you leave, and what you use to shut things away out of sight.

To the cruelties in society the narrator can react only abstractly. The only hint of past achievement is in the baffled attitude of the narrator.

“The Indian Uprising” by Donald Barthelme – Literary Yard

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: That depends on how you look at it and what you use it for. Marion and Donald remained wed until his death from throat cancer. Some critics and inxian have considered Barthelme a writer of metafiction; that is, writing that draws attention to the fact that it is an artifact, not naturally occurring, in order to bring up questions about reality and its relation to fiction. At one point he states: But now the USA is again mired in an imperialist war, bartjelme of whites are joining blacks and natives in an expanding and increasingly militant underclass, and women purising realizing that female politicians and corporate executives are serving the dominant system rather than changing it.


He suffers from what a psychologist would call lack of affect: To him, atrocities have become a new form of art or a subject for scholarship.

Trivia About The Indian Uprising. This is an expression of conspiracy theory, that everything, even the rebellion, is controlled by the same power structure. The United States Of America. Which is it really — a table or a door? No trivia bqrthelme quizzes yet. Because it is presented as a collage, the story invites the reader to take part in the act of assembling, to ask why one item is being juxtaposed with another, and to guess what comes next—not just in terms of narrative action but in anticipating which objects can be drawn indjan the storehouse of contemporary artifacts and combined in an amusingly new way.

When he enters a new, masochistic relationship with Miss R. Sylvia, then, may be trying to play on both sides. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

But maybe they are benevolent conquerors and send him to a reeducation camp.