The goal of this project is to maintain a common/unified space where people interested in improving ctags can work together. This guide is primarily intended for. The ctags utility shall be provided on systems that support the the Software Development Utilities option, and either or both of the C- Language Development . Contribute to SublimeText/CTags development by creating an account on GitHub . Alternatively, the plugin can be installed manually using one of the following.

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You can also check out the online tour. The actual form of the qualified tag depends upon the language from which the tag was derived using a form that is cfags natural for how qualified calls are specified in the language.

File names read using this option are processed following file names appearing on the command line. A routine signature in its complete form specifies the return type of a routine and its formal argument list.

Switch to the new buffer C-x oscroll through the list of definitions to the one that you want, then press Enter to open the file. If ctgas is empty, the cgags of excluded patterns is cleared. Options appearing on the command line will override options specified in this variable.

Alternatively, you may wish to use cscope to find function and structure definitions, or just use the third step of the Vim instructions below.

Ctags Tutorial

This feature is useful when preprocessor macros are used in such a way that they cause syntactic confusion due to their presence. Lists the file extensions and file name patterns which associate a file name with a language for either the specified language or all languages, and then exits.

This option is silently ignored for backward-compatibility with the ctags of Manuual Unix.

No tag file is written and all options affecting tag file output will be ignored. However, this option has one significant drawback: It is permitted and is, in fact, the default for the key portion of this field to be omitted.


This option forces the specified language case-insensitive; either mwnual or user-defined to be used for every supplied file instead of automatically selecting the language based upon its cags. Enable etags mode, which will create a tag file for use with the Emacs editor.

Ctags will stubbornly refuse to take orders if tagfile exists and its first line contains something other than a valid tags line. This option may be specified as many times as desired.

This has four advantages:. For example, a tag generated for a C structure member would have a scope looking like “struct: By xtags, all other files names are ignored. This has four advantages: Options taking language names will accept those names in ,anual upper or lower case. Such options will be noted.

Note that spaces separating the single-letter options from their parameters are optional. Those known about at the time of this release are:. Ctags Tutorial Ctags is a tool that makes it easy to navigate large source code projects. A few options, however, must appear before the first file name and will be noted as such. This option is disabled by default. Symbolic links are followed. In this mode, patterns are generally manuaal with a few exceptions.

For Fortran, line numbers are used for common blocks because their corresponding source lines are generally identical, making pattern searches useless for finding all matches.

The parameter flags is a set of one-letter flags, each representing one kind of ctas tag entry to include in the tag file. The fields and separators of these lines are specified as follows:. This makes it possible to set up site-wide, personal or project-level defaults. Prints a summary of the software license to standard output, and then exits. This option must appear before the first file name.

ctags(1) – Linux man page

This prints out information on option processing and a brief message describing what action is being taken for each file considered by ctags. The default list is “. The example above uses “CLASS” as a preprocessor macro which expands to something mankal for each platform.


This implementation of ctags imposes no formatting requirements on C code as do legacy implementations. This was the default format generated by the original ctags and is, therefore, retained as the default for this option.

Note Even the list of all definitions given by tags-apropos may be too large to find the definition that you’re looking for. For C, line numbers are used for macro definition tags.

Each line of the file is read as one command line parameter as if it were quoted with single quotes. No kind of tag appearing in an include file will be considered to manhal file-limited scope.

In the above example, the macro “ARGDECL4” would be mistakenly interpreted to be the name of the function instead of the correct name of “foo”. Read from file a list of file names for which tags should be ctagx.

The possible keys and the meaning of their values are as follows:.

Navigate code like a pro with Ctags

Start vi and position the cursor at the ctaga and line where “tag” is defined. If you are unfamiliar with Emacs, you should go through the Emacs tutorial. Currently the only valid values for kanual are 1 or 2. Indicates whether tags generated from the specified files should be appended to those already present in the tag file or should replace them. The second command can be used to search for any tag, regardless of the file that is currently opened.

Indicates whether tags scoped only for ctafs single file i. Fast binary searches of tag files sorted with case-folding will require special support from tools using tag files, such as that found in the ctags readtags library, or Vim version 6. A file name pattern is specified by enclosing the pattern in parentheses e.