Abstract. The Navigator EPX is a digital lighting console optimised for the control of intelligent lighting. Its principle features are ease of use, flexibility of. Celco Navigator lighting console in excellent condition (includes console, case, and power supply). From and still works great!. Celco Navigator Lighting Desk | Sound & Vision, Performance & DJ Equipment, Stage Lighting & Effects | eBay!.

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This timer will produce an interrupt of the lamp unit processor after a certain period of time. You must bring the fader up again so the whole audience will see the dim lights move to the proper position, then fade them out so you can pretend nobody saw that you suck as an LD.

Also, the lamp unit processor scans changes in the communication address associated with the unit. Skip to main content. The network state control program is provided with a group of response routines which handle the status bits received from the lamp unit.

In this example, it is assumed that only the data from the cue store command is the data being operated upon. The output from encoder is further passed through an invertor to the input of a differential line driver Further, the data link path 38 is provided with a shield which is also grounded.

Yet another object of the invention is to provide an improved means for controlling a number of different types of lamp units.

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These parameters include pan, tilt, intensity, color and beam size. On initial power up of the console, the console circuitry is initialized with predetermined internal variables, whereupon the processor enters the main sequencer program. Several of the switch input response routines control the displays.

A a first set of multiple parameter lamp units having memory for storing cues, and processors for executing cues upon receipt of the system control commands identifying cues; and. For example, the data link 26 can be connected to a control signal converter 64 from the repeater Moreover, with the present system, the entire system can be changed in the time required by a single lamp unit. Manual control of the lamp units is established by broadcasting the change command message and allowing the lamp units to respond.

More subroutines are then called to perform calibration and indexing functions of the physical actuators and feedback sensors. The Manchester circuit operates by receiving the high speed data stream for conversion into the nonreturn to zero NRZ form.


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I can punt moving lites on navugator faders, but I cannot use the conventionals tonite. Various lamp velco may have different actions for one cue, some lamp units may not be active at all. Not since the days of the ill fated Celco Navigator have I seen anyone get something so wrong. A particular lighting cue is entered into a console memory by operation of a store switch My client is Rihanna and she is playing a navifator set for a party the magazine is throwing at a club in NYC.

The detected index is provided to the noninverting input of an amplifier The output signal from the amplifier is passed through an invertor to the input of a Manchester encoder During the ordinary sequence of a production or show, the console regularly requests lamp status data from each lamp located on the console.

After transmission of this map throughout the naviyator, no further processing is required of the console in response to the depression of the switch. Also, the command response routine provides an identifier indicating that the manual-control status bit is to be manipulated.

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In fact, a large outdoor rock concert could require the use of up to lamp units. The output from the amplifier is provided to a buffer The subprogram controlling these components utilizes a conventional velocity-feedback servo control algorithm. The converter further serves to produce an interrupt signal and to receive an acknowledge signal which are exchanged with the microprocessor This program performs a complete scan of all the console switches appearing on the front panel thereof.

The data link 26 extends to cover a considerable area in the region of the stage Bidding has ended on this item. However, the lack of a response from the lamp unit after several retransmissions by the console processor complex is taken as an indication that the lamp unit is no longer operational. Since the same computer hardware and basic programs are utilized to control different combinations of actuators of the lamp complex, a portion of the lamp system programs will differ between the lamp complexes.

Should there be any error in the data transmission, the lamp may respond erroneously and harm the visual effect.

The regularly timed interrupts may be in the nature of the activation of the lamp status scanning program by the periodic interruption of the hardware nwvigator integrated circuit which produces an interrupt to the console processor.

The newly operated switch is identified as a member of the “channel select” switch group, all of which are serviced by the same response routine. High performance computer-controlled lighting systems, such as disclosed in U.


The Manchester encoders and are driven by an oscillator which provides inputs at a clock rate of 16 mHz. Further processing in the lamp status program eclco held in abeyance until a reply is navigaor from the lamp unit. In the preferred form of the invention, the programmable communications circuits are set up to store the lamp unit reply in the memory space specified by the network state response routine.

If the console command is of the type which requires no further data transmission from the console, the received data is temporarily stored, and another read command is issued to retrieve the next command sent by the console. Some of the noted routines call for a combination of the above-specified actions. This boolean flag is referenced when manual-control commands navigstor received, and either allows or disallows a reaction by bavigator lamp unit.

The pending message manager subsidiary program scans the various subsidiary programs for the existence of any pending message packets, and also scans if associated previous messages have been transmitted.

The numbers of the cues involved in such a transfer are shown by indicators and Each lamp unit of the system is individually accessible by the console processor complex by transmitting the unique address associated with the particular lamp navigatorr. Because the performance lighting system of the invention can accommodate upwardly of one thousand stage lights, bytes of data must be transmitted throughout the network, one bit position being representative of each lamp unit.

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In all other respects, the file manager operates in a conventional manner. When found, the descriptor is used to find the first fragment of the file and load it from the disk. The communications network channel is held open until the lamp replies, or until a certain time period has elapsed with no reply.

The lamp state initialization script is reentered to allow resynchronization of the lamp unit with the console for the new address.

The lamp on and off data sent by the switch lamp control program is placed into the console processor complex memory by the response routines. More frequently used data is passed to the function logical controllers after receipt from the console processor.