The authors of Britannia Unchained – five Conservative MPs including Elizabeth Truss and Dominic Raab – argue that Britons are “idlers. Last Friday, a leaked fragment from a book co-written by Raab and four other Conservative MPs, Britannia Unchained: Global Lessons for. Britannia Unchained: Global Lessons for Growth and Prosperity – review. A tract by Tory rising stars is extreme, unpatriotic and bodes ill for.

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This page was last edited on 25 Novemberat But having read it, I can safely say that Britannia Unchained has a brevity, pace and scope that elevates it a little above the usual pre-party-conference polemics.

It’s as if the coalition have arrived at the scene of a road accident: So your wages will meet the Chinese somewhere, and so will your social conditions History proved their critics at least partly right. Amanda marked it as to-read Jun 15, No trivia or quizzes yet. Ramon James rated it did not like it Nov 24, They do not appear to see the world as a complex place. Robert rated it liked it Jul 04, Also, until latewell into the financial crisis, the Tories supported increases in public spending over deficit reduction; then they abruptly reversed their position.

Isabel Hardman 21 September 3: The 10 worst political interviews of Steerpike. All roads lead to Britannia Unchainedthe short tract written by a group of young, right-wing Tory MPs that is considered a route map to political renewal. He presides over a radical, reforming administration — think deficit reduction, health reform and the overhaul of welfare — and faces an opposition recovering from arguably its worst ever election defeat.

There is a distinct cultural tendency amongst successful entrepreneurs to challenge conventional wisdom, and act with daring to exploit new opportunities. It seeks a planning free-for-all; it celebrates chaos. Worth a read even for those on the opposite side of the po Interesting insight into the minds of the current generation of Conservative ministers.


After 13 long years of opposition, and barely two years into government, it appears to be sinking, devoid of pragmatism. Last year, for example, Raab wrote a paper for the Centre for Policy Studies CPS — since the birth of Thatcherism one of the radical right’s fiercest thinktanks — urging that “the definition of fair dismissal should be widened Though the chapters in the book do not carry the names of the MPs who wrote them, each took responsibility for writing one chapter themselves.

Tiernan marked it as to-read Dec 17, Cian O’donovan rated it did not like it Jun 22, Luke Nicholas rated it it was ok Sep 02, How can we do this and build a successful Britain?

Britannia Unchained: the rise of the new Tory right

Not a bad place to be. Jamie Wordsworth marked it as to-read Nov 20, Most Popular Read Recent Read.

There’s no rehabilitation programme to make the patient leaner, meaner, fitter. It puts Britain firmly within the context of international competition, particularly with unchainec economies.

Further detailed revelations about the book remain forbidden by a pre-publication embargo. The bottom line for these Tory radicals is that the notion of community, society or indeed country is always trumped by textbook economic liberalism.

Richard Jarram marked it as to-read Aug 01, They have joined the political version of britannia culture — the same culture that they argue, to some extent compellingly, makes Britons believe they can get on without doing any hard work. Yet over the last year he and his co-authors, all of them members of a new Conservative parliamentary faction called britanmia Free Enterprise Grouphave made little secret of the harsh medicine they believe Britain needs to take. Loading comments… Trouble loading?


The economic liberals’ march through the Conservative party will continue; every day there is less and less opposition, and they will eventually win. Thanks brotannia telling us about the problem. John Hughes marked it as to-read Mar 13, Beneath the epiphenomenon of folly and error the very foundations of the uncnained have been rocked by tensions and conflicts which make the differences between Canada and the UK seem trivial.

Britain is often cited as a classic example of a declining power and yet Britain in the 21st century still possesses immense advantages: The recent reshuffle exposed its inner wiring — a medium-term undhained strategy surrendered before the concerns of day-to-day party management.

Whilst there are a lot of fun anecdotes about silly policies and deluded politicians to be told unvhained illustrate the story of what has happened over the last few decades the telling of them does not get us very far in understanding how whole systems swing into periodic crisis which get deeper and extend further over society each time they reoccur.

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His contempt for the compassionate version of Tory ideology was total. Yet at its core this book is not about social liberalism. On the one hand, Cameron carries it all pretty lightly; he enjoys, and is pretty good at, the job.