Find the best Bridgestone tires for your vehicle and learn about Bridgestone’s advanced fuel efficient tires and run-flat tires. 1. MICHElIN® TRUCK TIRE. DATA BOOK. Truck tires, retreads, rv tires, and commercial light truck tires 19th Edition. trucks with. MICHELIN TIRE CARE, find the perfect route with the new ViaMichelin application, SIAMTYRE HIGHWAY RADIAL for heavy-duty trucks launch in Southeast Asia and will combine .. Bridgestone 46/90 R 57 VRDP and VRPS.

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Commercial Truck Tires, Bus Tires & OTR Tires – Bridgestone

It is a very small angle but because the rider has a high center of mass, the rider weight ends up with a 24 pound discrepancy. Old Mar 6th, Doubtless this thread will soon become like the when did 5 speed become commonplace thread, and someone will find some example in a catalog fromproving that they became commonplace earlier. I have not heard many instances like your unfortunate spill. I can’t imaging how you were able to deal with brjdgestone.

Math isn’t my best subject but I am going to take a stab at this to satisfy my own curiosity.

I really don’t think it can be beat. Add a Poll to this Thread. Avon makes a tire for the LT?

Bridgestone Commercial – Commercial Truck, Bus & OTR Tires

It fits but without the fender. I was in Frankfurt at the time. Find More Posts by fietsbob. I can’t find this in the manual anywhere and frankly fileyype seems excessive. Both bikes were fitted with c steel rims with patterned braking surfaces. The long and short of it is that even if I limit myself to the 73 load rating, I can carry more than pounds either with another rider or gear.


It profile of the section will also get rounder.

It is my opinion however that a tire with a speed rating of a W MPH and a load rating of 73 is a stronger tire than a load rating of 79 and a speed rating of H MPH. Our underground mining tires are designed to perform in each type of mine and on every type of machine.

They only make an rated for the LT now. Originally Posted by bmwcoolk View Post. Old Mar 1st, Originally it was mostly the people who rode sew ups and wanted compatible clincher wheels that used c. I hope you and the bike heal up well.

When were 700c wheels introduced or become common?

It’s a great tire for longevity. Such a rating would appeal to a larger market. I guess I should have phrased the question differently.

Both are higher than the load rating of 69 for the 16 and both are slightly larger diameter as well a radila smaller than stock. Here in Colorado mountain riding, cold, wet conditions can happen in the middle of Summer. I have no problem saving a few bucks on a tire that sat on a shelf for a couple of years. Find More Posts by RaleighSport. When were c wheels introduced or become common? Originally Posted by fatbob View Post.


Maybe one that came off a crotch rocket or a Harley So, I am opting for the Road 4 and was hoping a few people would chime in about other size alternatives that work. It is like a different bike. I suppose I should add that I am an aggressive rider, even though I am an older guy.

The actual section width should fall to no wider than mm assuming it was to begin with on a 5. Different strokes for different folks. Last edited by ThermionicScott; at Please click one of the Quick Reply icons in the posts above to activate Quick Reply. I don’t remember ever changing the brakes pads for difference in rims nor do I remember having difficulty finding tires for it.

That doesn’t mean that something catastrophic couldn’t have happened.

Old Apr 7th,9: Find More Posts by Monstermash. In consumer road bikes I remember c becoming the standard around the mid 80’s, give bridgetsone take a few years.

76 Images Of Tires

If I have to go outside of the recommended tire size and load rating, radiwl be it. I just bought the new Metz Marathon Ultra. I will also post pictures.

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