Brian Evenson (born August 12, ) is an American academic and writer of both literary As a young man, Brian Evenson served a two-year mission for The Church of In , he received an O. Henry Award for his story “Two Brothers”. #92 Two Brothers- Brian Evenson. Daddy Norton has fallen and broken his leg. He refuses to let his sons leave the house for help. He believes. Brian Evenson’s work can be unpredictable, confronting the reader with what can Evenson has received an O. Henry award for his story “Two Brothers” and an.

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Brian Evenson born August 12, is an American academic and writer of both literary fiction and popular fictionsome of the latter being published under B.

His fiction is often described as literary minimalismbut also draws inspiration from horrordetective fictionscience fiction and continental philosophy. Evenson makes frequent use of dark humor and often features characters struggling with the limits and consequences of knowledge.


Bookslut | An Interview with Brian Evenson

He has also written non-fiction, and translated several books by French-language writers into English. Brian Evenson was born August 12, in Ames, Iowa. D is in both literature and critical theoryand his work is subtly philosophical, particularly influenced by continental philosophy.

Altmann’s Tongue opened with an epigraph by Julia Kristeva ; Dark Property featured quotes in untranslated German from Martin Heidegger ; and several of Evenson’s books have epigraphs from philosopher Alphonso Lingis. However, Evenson has stated that he intends any philosophical elements to be fully integrated into his fiction rather than promoting any particular viewpoint, and has argued that reading philosophical works directly is more rewarding than reading philosophy that is veiled as fiction.

Some of Evenson’s work explores his Mormon heritage, often from a critical perspective or examining controversial subject matter. For example, the main character of The Open Curtain becomes preoccupied with a murder committed in the early s by William Hooper Younga grandson of 19th century Mormon leader Brigham Youngwhile Immobility takes place in a post-apocalyptic Utah and features some esoteric elements of LDS theology.


Nonetheless, Evenson has asserted that he maintains a measure of respect for devout believers in the LDS Bfian and does not intend to casually offend or provoke them. Evenson’s work has been compared to that of J.

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