I am not a fan of Boolean operations but I am planning of taking CATIA v5 Certification Exams, and Boolean Operations are a part of the exam. Hi all. It is a long time I did not wrote anything. I was bit busy with my personal work. Let’s start with Boolean operations; many people don’t. What exactly is the purpose of Boolean Operation in CATIA V5. As I dont see it helps much in making shapes which are not possible to make.

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Vinay November 19, at So double click on the sketch and reposition the sketch on the face. In Pro sometimes you cannot create a readius into a small cavity because there is not enough material. December 26th, Upvote 1 Upvoted 2.

Boolean Operations in CATIA |

The difference you can find like this if you know the answer for this Question. Results 1 to 5 of 5. Note- Features like Booleaan fillet, Chamfer etc. There two different components. Defense manufacturing is all about project manufacturing and project accounting. How to draw a line between these two planes? Now insert another body i.

It allows you to add, subtract geometries or simply find the intersection between 2 or more geometries. It’s easy to join and it’s free. Select the left two lines and delete them.

  LEY 19882 PDF

Is it poeration to use The reason is that the top profile consists of many sections compared to the bottom profile. Please help to figure it out?

Anonymous June 24, at Then, inserted a new body plus sign in front of the body icon in the specification tree and created a new simple PAD one more vthe plus sign is still on the icon, no changesapplied ADD operation or added the second PAD from the inserted body to the PartBody.

If you select body2 then body3 here it will remove body2 and where this body is intersected with body3. Remove lump This option is used within a body to remove unwanted lump in the body.

Alternatively I could parametric model everything, update the primary solid of Component A, then lets not forget to update the removal of material from component B.

Download Now White Paper: Bheemu Gadyal November 17, at 5: The assemble command work on depending on the polarity of the bodies. Many bodies such as this one can boolen Added, Subtracted or Intersected from each other. When you using this command I suggest please select only faces to remove or faces to keep, that is enough. oprration

Boolean Operations in CATIA

What is polarity of the body? Hi All, This is my first message on this forum. Boolean Operations and multi-body part files are normally not required. Then draw a line and connect the two points together.


Create a GrabCAD account or sign in to an existing account. If you make the negative body the work boolfan, you will see the shape that is being added.

CATIA a Master Tool for Design.: Boolean Operations In CATIA V5.

Add In add option irrespective of polarity of the bodies it will remove only intersected material between two bodies.

Interview 5v on Boolean operations: Hi, Boolean – The name sound familiar. Hi I read this post two times. Can you locate a Position of hole on Circular body Using Hole command?

Why and when should we use the Boolean operation in catia?

If you know it then it’s great, if not just leave it. Then select the cylinder part.

CATIA V5 has a very powerful and extensive set of solid modeling tools that Boolean Operations are usually not required for most designs.