E-ink display of a BOOKEEN Cybook Opus ebook reading device. Focus is on the upper Side by side with the Cybook OPUS, there is no comparison, acshly. Opus morto: mandare in garanzia? 1; 1 Bookeen Opus urge aiuto, help, secour .. 3; 8. legacy-giomar51 [RISOLTO] non legge più i file epub. 3; 8. legacy-. Nyt on Bookeen Cybook Opus, ihan OK peruslaite ja halpa, kuvakin kntyy, turha vaan se asentoanturi. kntnappi olisi ollut parempi. Ostan viel jonkun paremman.

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The 1 GB of internal memory is enough to hold close to books. The microscope is part of a set of sample products I was sent by Learning Encounters. External Design Aesthetics and Features A cool ergonomic shape with nicely rounded edges and contours that blend into the lovely 5 inch screen. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. All the controls change to match the orientation, and behave as a user would expect – whichever page button is “top” or “right” will go to the next page, and the “bottom” or “left” button will go to the previous page, no matter which way around you hold the Opus.

Their first product was the Cybook Gen1. The back side is made with one half in a metallic grey that acts as a battery compartment cover — the Opus looks like nothing else on the market. It has a rounded, glossy case in metallic plastic in a variety of cheerful colours even the black manages to look Buy Bookeen Cybook Opus EBook Reader, White with fast shipping and toprated customer service.

Officially you can make 8, page turns, in real-life terms you will have from two to three weeks of use between charges. June Bookeen published a much improved firmware. I should probably try making a printable design template to allow for a better fit on the second attempt.

The user can categorize your books into folders and subfolders for easy access.

Cybook Opus – Wikipedia

Painfully slow start-up time — probably due to the lack booeken a sleep mode. June Bookeen published a much improved firmware for Gen3 and Opus devices. Available in an array of colors, and weighing just 5. It was difficult to find many cons for the Cybook Opus, the only one that stood out is the price, which places the Opus on a similar level as many 6 inch readers. To a host computer the Cybook functions as a typical USB mass storage device.


Mobipocket doesn’t allow DRM-protected ebook support for both their format and Adobe Digital Editions at the same time. One has to choose between ePub or Mobi due to Amazon contract restrictionsbut you can swap Mobi and ePUB firmware as often as you wish and as sensible. A new sleeve for my new Cybook by Florence Artur.

E-ink display microscopic image by Paolo Amoroso. You also have the option of turning the device completely upside down if you are left-handed, and when you do this the controls automatically switch too, so that page-forward is still the top button. You can organize the folders onto a memory card and the order stays how you want it.

As it lacks a keyboard, it does not have dictionary support, annotations and bookmarks. Conversions from all formats can be done with 3rd party software such as Calibre. The Ectaco jb 5 jetbook. Ecran Cybook by livre.

It has a Lithium Polymer Li-Polymer rechargeable and replaceable, unlike other devices battery, with a battery lifetime of 8, page flips. Its screen possesses a paper-like high contrast appearance and is readable under direct sunlight. Wikipedia articles with style issues from October All articles with style issues.

Le Cybook Odyssey par Virgin by ebouquin. BBC news synced onto the cybook gen 3. Elisa Kirjan lukulaite by Anna Koskela. In they also announced a new product the Cybook Opus [4] a smaller version of the Cybook Gen3 but with some improvements: One of the best E-Inks screens around; very bright with crisp and clear text.

For some reason though perhaps a limitation of the Adobe software the font style on EPUB documents cannot be changed. Although I initially thought this was a cool feature, I must admit that after the first week of use I turned it off as it was getting quite annoying.


Bookeen Cybook Opus Review Tweet. To charge the device, you use the same included USB cable that you use for transferring content to it either via free Adobe Digital Editions software or by dragging and dropping to storage.

Bookeen is French company dealing with e-books and consumer electronics. It is produced by the French company Bookeen. My mom made this first simple prototype leather cover by cutting up a 30 year old leather skirt she had lying around for just such an occasion and threw this together in less than an hour.

As a result battery life is extended, giving almost three weeks of charge.

Lukulaite bookeen cybook opus e-reader

InBookeen launches the Cybook Muse, the new 6 inches connected ebook reader [7] and latter enthe Cybook Ocean, an 8 inches connected ebook reader. It stores up to 1, titles in 1GB of built in flash memory. The battery life on any E-Ink based ebook reader is very good but somehow Bookeen have managed to extend this even more with the Opus. This page was last edited on 16 Septemberat There oegge 12 different font sizes and a zooming options.

Bookeen has two ebook readers available on the current kpus Once done the text just changes rather than doing a virtual page turn, although it does leave a small amount of ghosting on the screen. Reading News by Yosomono.

Companies based in Paris Companies established in Computer hardware companies French brands.

Cybook Opus Review – Bookeen’s 5″ eBook Reader

My Cybook has got a new swimming-dress! Dettagli del Bookeen Cybook Odyssey 6 pollici touchscreen – wifi. Naked eReader by ebouquin.