Kim Harrison (born ) is a pen-name of American author Dawn Cook. Kim is best known as the author of the New York Times #1 best selling Hollows series. Author: Kim Harrison. This is the German translation of “Dead Witch Walking” — Blutspur ist der Auftakt zu Kim Harrisons atemberaubender. Blutspur by Kim Harrison, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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Kin self-proclaimed “former tomboy,” [3] she grew up the only girl in a family of boys. I am a character-driven reader. So, it’s probably worth reading beyond this first book even if like me you didn’t enjoy this one all that much. Refresh and try again. This book failed on both fronts. Retrieved on 13 January Plus, maybe, just maybe he is Mr.

Blutspur: Roman – Kim Harrison – Google Books

The characters bllutspur intriguing and show promise, there are plenty of hints of things to come without really giving anything major away and the world was interesting enough that I might want to visit it multiple times. This book is slightly slower than I expected.

This is my buddy read that I am doing with Moonlight Reader.


I would not place this in the same level as the Harry Potter books. There is also a Inderland Security for those others I was discussing.

Blutspur : Roman

Like a plague it started wiping out humans, Inlanders however people and beings with mystical abilities, witches, weres, pixies etc. I know I criticize this book more than I should, but I did like it a lot and I will read the sequels very soon for sure.

This event brought to light the magical community that was living in ki, and were in fact immune to this virus.

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As for the smutty romance part that the cover of this book in some odd ways seems to impart, forget about it. I appreciate the new take of the lore that was used especially with the Vampires and Pixies. I have also heard that the rest of the series is amazing and bultspur is just one of those books you have to get through to get to the good stuff.

Harrison began her career with writing traditional science fictionbut began writing contemporary fantasy after deciding to focus more on character development. Of late, more the latter.

Kim Harrison

After the success of her first novel, Harrison was able to resign from her day job, devoting herself to writing full-time.

She considers herself a good runner a sort of special agent or bounty hunter but she doesn’t know that fairies can enter holy ground.


The man had a very strong back. Heute lebt die Schriftstellerin in South Carolina. The first time I did, it left me absolutely unimpressed. Jay Collins Keep going, the first book is only okay but the series is very good.

Who is the neighbor across the street and more importantly what is he? So there’s a death threat out on her head. I was pleasantly surprised by how much snark and humor was in the book.

He’s got the perfect attitude and is a true, devoted friend to Rachel which she needs. I just really couldn’t get into this one: Great supporting characters, too. Why do authors always give us these stockholm syndrome romances like murder-y boys are so badass?

Cincinnati, Ohio United States. Well it looks like Gavin really did wonders for this book because I really like her now: This was a great blend of intrigue, action, humor with just a little hit of romance sprinkled on top.