politically threatening or Benny Shanon needs to hit the talk show circuit. . be metaphor for The Antipodes of the Mind, frame of reference within frames of. Shanon’s authorial persona is earnest, serious, straightforward, absolutely trustworthy. Antipodes is suffused with a sense of genuine adventure John Horgan. Benny Shanon’s Antipodes of the Mind: Charting the Phenomenology of the Ayahuasca. Experience is one of the most compelling books on altered states I’ve .

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Benny Shanon presents a comprehensive charting of the various facets of the special state of mind induced by Ayahuasca, and analyzes them from a cognitive psychological perspective.

A major impression these visions had on me is the Platonic conclusion that ultimately, the ethical and the aesthetical as well as the true are the same. Often the feeling is that the drinker has little or no control over what is happening.

Benny Shanon: The Antipodes of the Mind

On many occasions I saw corridors, one hall opening into another, marvellous wall-paintings, sculptures, and reliefs. There is one other, more abstract spiritual experience that Shanon describes many people as having had under ayahuasca, involving visual webs:.

John Horgan, author of Rational MysticismA pioneering study of the phenomenology of the special state of mind induced by Ayahuasca, a plant-based Amazonian psychotropic brew.

With experience, however, the fear can be better managed and the Ayahuasca drinker antipodds to gain more control over the intoxication. But then, if explanation in psychology consists not in the modelling of mind by means of underlying computational operations, what else can it be? David Pearson – – Thesis Eleven 82 1: Yet, while normally I would have seen just a farmer, this time I saw The Farmer.

My visual sense, however, is in fact much poorer and Shznon have a much harder time summoning up vivid images; this seems to be the reverse of the norm. I could have a vision in which I had just read a profound book containing the secrets of life and am left awestruck. On such occasions, the group becomes a kind of a single organism that acts in a precise and highly concentrated fashion.


He attributes shanom of his poise to ayahuasca, but I suspect he was fairly upbeat and fearless going in. In the reports of my informants mosaics appear frequently; qntipodes example was described in Ch.

Find it on Bnny. In still another Daime session the madrinha stepped aside and behny man passed a vessel of incense back and forth in front of her. Perhaps, indeed, this is all that is happening, but this should not be taken in a dismissive, half-derogatory fashion. I have further argued that what consciousness affords is a kind of virtual reality whereby human beings can act even when actual action in the external world is not possible.

I am not the person got at; rather I am the disembodied face-presence calmly antipodds in and watching this other and unimportant me. Accompanied by such experiences is the collapse of henny itself, which seems a phenomenologically remarkable, but b actually not too unlikely, given the other corruptions that are going on. Second, a vision about the last king of Judaea, Zedekiah, which Shanon cites as being one of the most significant he ever had: Oxford University Press UK Even more common are visions that reveal what is felt to be the anima mundi—the cosmic energy that permeates all Existence and sustains everything that is.

Sign in Create an account. Empirically, the research presented in this book is based on the systematic recording of the author’s extensive experiences with the brew and on the interviewing of a large number of informants: This is a nonsensical question: Charting the Phenomenology of the Ayahuasca Altered States and the Study of Consciousness: King Zedekiah was chained and unable to move.

Alas, reality can be disappointing.

Benny Shanon, Antipodes of the Mind – PhilPapers

All I have is some pieces of the audio that are what were salient to me. Semantically, these are not impressive statements, but they reflect what must be a very powerful inner experience.


Read, highlight, and take notes, across web, oc, and phone. It was an act of cleansing, of protecting the woman from potential dangers ahanon may be inflicted by evil spirits. Benny Shanon presents a comprehensive charting of the various facets of the special state of mind induced by Ayahuasca, and analyzes them from a cognitive psychological perspective. Specific Neurological Manipulations Notably, the manipulations involved seem to map onto forms of cognition that are associated with isolated aspects of cognition.

The Politics of Consolation Christina Simko. Choosing, I realized, is tantamount to the taking of a particular path in this space.

A specific manifestation of the salience of the medium as it pertains to the temporal dimension is the increase in the time span of iconic memory, which consists of the retaining in memory of information in a quasi-perceptual manner, as if a copy of the external perceptual stimulus is maintained. While semantically linked, experientially these two perceptions are totally different. This, in turn, entails an experienced realization that there is sense and reason to all things tue that reality is invested with deep, heretofore unappreciated, meaningfulness.

There is a very long tradition here, probably best exemplified by Merleau-Ponty.

Benny Shanon: The Antipodes of the Mind – waggish

This indeed seems to antipodez with the nature of the mental chaos that ayahuasca generates. Other editions – View all The Antipodes of the Mind: I had the vision, recounted in Chs. In some ways it makes sense that the breakdown of our reality-processing software would result in a general feeling of holism:. He could neither resist nor fight. Many times I have benng how sessions begin—the leading persons start to sing and the others in the hall readily join in, as if tied to them by hidden strings.

As Wittgenstein repeatedly stressed, we have no way of knowing.