Find great deals for Behringer MDX MDX Composer Pro Multi-function Dynamics Processor. Shop with confidence on eBay!. Behringer MDX Composer Pro compressor/limiter. Excellent Behringer Composer Pro / MDX / Stereo gate / compressor / limiter. Very Good. View and Download Behringer Composer Pro MDX user manual online. Interactive 2-channel expander/gate/compressor/limiter of the reference class.

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Our cokposer also liked: Sort by most recent most useful. It is rack mountable and will only take up a single space. It does give you a lot of control over your sound, but most of the time it kills your signal more than anything.

Behringer works from the inside out with their products, and it definitely shows. Did you find this review helpful? Of course it’s just a Behringer.

I record acoustic instruments and vocals in my home studio. One main problem for self-recording is behrinher on good playing and singing without clipping the signal. Staring at the meters while you’re performing just kills the emotion in the music! It is relatively easy to use, if you understand the basics of using an audio compressor. It’s another LONG article to explain their use, but essentially, their purpose is to keep sounds from be being too loud or too soft.

Used properly they canb add desirable sustain to instruments and more pleasing dynamics to a recording.

If you’re on a budget, don’t let the Audio Geeks scare you. This unit really does the trick nicely without discoloring your music, IF you learn how to use it. The price point is for beginners, but the manual is not. Behringer should include a primer for first-timers.

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Inputs and outputs are laid out a bit awkwardly. It would be easy to put the wrong plug in the behrinver jack. So far, it works great and seems built well. Built in power supply no wall wart with a typical computer-style power cord. And, by the way, I’ve used the MDX on several home CDs that have pgo more than enough to pay for all my recording gear and compser and no customer has noticed or whined about my “cheap compression. Getting started is simple with easy to make adjustments.

Use to compress the signals of two tracks songs mdx2020 release level amplifiers. Within reach of any beginner who is starting a little sound. The low-cut filter is useful in particular to avoid the drone. The peak limiter also work correctly. But IKA compression Hard Knee is soft and slightly behrinyer and feels little difference when changing settings.


The countervailing power loss is correct, but soon causes a feedback loop or saturation when you push too much. Editing the sound is delicate PCQ this compressor is an effect “lo-fi” a compressor! The deterioration of the sound is intolerable! I have a config studio with electro synths and BAR hardwares, all that connected to my console. I wanted to use it as an insert on my kicks Drumstation and I also tried the master of my console with a kick in the side-chain: In summary, even with soft settings almost no compression: The only source with which it does not pose a major problem as far as I’ve tried is the voice.

But comppser, it might help on the rock or other music that is not too thin!

What I like most What I like ppro MDX Composer Pro! For me, it has served me throw 50 euros out the window! I can not even resell PCQ I feel scammed qq’un! What are the effects, types of effects available? What technology is used?

What is the connection? Editing sounds and effects is easy? The manual is clear and sufficient? Which ones do you prefer, you hate?

I use it more because I invested in a model much higher in terms of compression. It is very easy to use Did you try many other models before getting this one? Interresting Used Knowing what you know now, would you make the same choice? Yes, it still has the opportunity to use it for voice or instrument whatsoever in the studio by repeating or to enhance live sound in particular.

This is a compressor, but the gate and limiter are more practical. Note the notched Knob, which limit the sharpness of tuning but at that price However I tested it, and it is clear he is far from transparent.

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A big worry to report: This behavior is intolerable for me ds compressor is connected to a rack and console permanently poweredI sought a solution. The outsourcing of the transformer power supply solved the problem.

I do not think it’s a problem but to wave interference between the sector or ground and output amplifiers on the MDX. The fact is that leaving the transformer to the buzz disappeared.

This buzz of power supply removed, bypassed nothing to say, but lro you activate the channel, you’d almost turn an equation! As Lenoir said in its opinion, it is not the tool’s home studio demanding. Anyway, in my case, for the price and use that I’ll have voice evening entertainment are not killed. Live, where to bcp channel dynamics processor that can be fitted neatly enough for a small budget. But I think his lack of transparency makes it unusable for complex signals, and also monitor instru serious impact because the color in ccomposer opinion much lower frequencies.


A nice Swiss Army knife. Me I like the number of possibilities, it is visual and efficient. I’d say it does its job with good will, I do not find him unique color and without adjustment wild not especially behringsr pump Now it’s all about school, I behribger in some cases and I said well in some cases better gehringer super high end stuff.

It is obviously subjective to the time of “over-compression” everywhere and on everything Whatever I do, I find it everywhere and I know why: Pr Universal Audio compensate for my old 57 sm poorly positioned in front of the ugly singer? I’m making the same choice without hesitation. It can operate in two independent mono channels or linked stereo.

An order of side-chain channel. The buttons are small but easy to handle. Being ribbed fine adjustments are impossible, and so personally I do not have this problem the oppositesome might take offense.

Behringer MDX MDX Composer Pro Multi-function Dynamics Processor | eBay

The thing to point out immediately is that the MDX is not the only home studio compressor-ist demanding. Simply because it is anything but transparent, it is a little colorful and is easily capable of pumping a bit like how an Alesisonly better. I used it with bass, guitar and drums. On these instruments, I loved: You either love or hate! To be perfectly honest, I must say that it will not necessarily suited to certain types of voice catches and he definitely prefers a more transparent compressor.

But otherwise, it’s been very well his job. The side-chain is effective and complements the range of use of the effect. The creature pump easily. It is found used for cheap and it would be a shame to deny, especially if you already have a compressor rather transparent and you want to slum it a bit!

Behringer MDX2200 MDX 2200 Composer Pro Multi-function Dynamics Processor

Compression is rather “hard”, it distorts the sound and pump merrily. I had one 3 months and I sold. The sound is really – and strangely – different series mdx and I own beehringer. These series there are real compressors, versatile and transparent if properly adjusted. The catch bluffed sounds of experienced engineers The mdx or mdd2200 serve me. They are a whole step down but does not spoil main use drums. It is very clean and the patches are relatively well respected.

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