Bastet (Werewolf: The Apocalypse) [Phil Brucato] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Werepanther descriptions & game statistical information. Werewolf: The Apocalypse In game terms, Bastet Gifts work just like Garou Gifts. The heart of most Gifts, as Bastet understand them, is a puzzle, some. WtA – Breedbook Bastet – Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf) or read book online for free. WOD – Werewolf – The Apocalypse – Nuwisha. Uploaded by.

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To ask other readers questions about Bastetplease sign up. This Gift is said to be a birthright from Nala herself. The Thrall of the Wyrm applies to werecats, too. This sends her into a killing state where tactics and mercy are impossible apocalgpse all Health Level penalties are suspended.

Werecats without a Jamak have to track down new sources of Gifts. Each turn, she gains an automatic Rage point.

Each success withers one mile apoalypse crops, spoils a waterhole or lake, or renders one ton of food or drink unusable. A Bastet may use Clawstorm as many times in a single combat as he has dots in Stamina. Lennoria rated it it was amazing Jul 21, Unfortunates suffering from ailurophobia fear of cats often go catatonic with fear when thhe this way.

Bastet Gifts

If asked, the cat simply says, “It’s nothing. Undoing what you have summoned requires another, harder effort. Otherwise, nothing short of total illumination will reveal the skulking werecat. However, if they are attacked themselves, all bets are off. Craft of the Maker The werewolf can shape once-living material but not undead! Once you figure it out, everything makes sense and the Gift comes flowing into your memory, to be used whenever it’s needed.


Bastet: Nine Tribes of Twilight

Zander Catta rated it really liked it Aug 17, This Gift gives the werewolf the agility of a cat, making him immune to falls under feet he lands on his feet just right. The Swara Bastet learn this gift werswolf more quickly and gain access to it at Rank 2.

Whether the Gift is good wpocalypse not is for the Storyteller to know and the player and her character to find out… Incidentally, a Gift that can’t be learned does not cost XP anyways. This power requires active concentration. The Ragabash with this Gift can steal something from a target, bstet his victim will forget that she ever possessed the stolen item. Storytellers may simply make a single roll against difficulty 7 to reflect a large group of normal humans.

Most of them are so specific that they won’t work for anyone else. Worthy folk may learn this Gift from Bird-spirits, but no werecat willingly admits to it in public.

Bastet Gifts – Project Fiction

Buttons, velcro, zippers and snaps, however, generally do not count. Obviously, this demands an extended roll, a bit of time each roll takes one hourand some great moonlit ritual. With a gesture or spray, a spiteful werecat can destroy crops and fertile land, spoil food gastet toxify drinking water.


For the remainder of the scene, her claw attacks do an additional die of damage.

In game terms, Bastet Gifts work just like Garou Gifts. Although a Bastet never takes ill herself, this Gift is helpful when a loved one is unwell.

The auspice magics the depend upon a Garou’s relationship with the moon seem especially hard to steal. From there on, the cat is expected to learn new spells for himself.

A Pattern Spider – one of the Weaver’s spirits – teaches this Gift. Righteous Gaze By staring into the heart of a liar, the werecat can break through his deception, shaming him badly. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Once a apocalypde pattern has begun, it will run its own course.

On a botch, the spirits lie. Wolf’s Terror The Ahroun can establish her battlefield apoczlypse against other werebeasts by transforming her own claws into silver.