The ALTIVAR 58 (ATV58) family of adjustable frequency AC drive controllers is all the parameters detailed in this manual will be accessible if a drive controller. User’s Manual for the Altivar 58F and for the I/O . 1 Follow the recommendations in the User’s Manual supplied with the speed controller, most importantly. ALTIVAR┬« 58 (ATV58) AC drive controllers offer superior performance in a compact .. A GV2 manual motor starter, ATV58 drive controller, and an output.

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The bits in the control register CMD have the following meaning: The speed controller status is given by the value of the status register ETA.

The speed controller status can be modified by sending a control word CMD or by the occurrence of an event example: The local forcing output must be monitored, as line control is restored at the current chart step at the moment of interrupt caused by local forcing. The chart below has been adapted to the characteristics of the Altivar 58 to facilitate programming.

DC injection stop H’F’: The commands are combinations of the 5 mandatory bits. The fieldbus connected to the communication card always takes priority.


For safety reasons its use must be restricted to the atb58 phase.

The bus controlling the speed controller can relinquish control by setting bits 8 and 15 of the control word CMD to 1.

The “Internal Variables” User’s manual defines the variable speed controller control process using the serial link as well as the internal variables for the speed controller which are common to the various types of bus.

In local forcing all write requests from the fieldbus are refused.

Each state represents an aspect of the internal behaviour of the speed controller. If a logic input assigned to the local force function is set to 1: Communication principle The Altivar 58 can be connected to two fieldbuses: These documents should be referred to for hardware and software setup as well as for any variables specific to each bus. The products described in this document may be changed or manial at any time, either froma technical point of view or in the way they are operated.

ATV/ATV58F Variadores de velocidad – Unity Pro, Manual de instalaci├│n | Schneider Electric

Type of stop Corresponding Actions for restoring control Drivecom state of the Altivar 58 using the fieldbus Freewheel stop “ATV58 powered up” – set the logic input assigned to the “freewheel stop” function to 1 – perform the transitions required to mannual the speed controller to “run” status Fast stop “ATV58 running” – set the logic input assigned to the “fast stop” function to 1 DC injection stop “ATV58 running” – set the logic input assigned to the “injection stop” function to 1 Stop via keypad “ATV58 powered up” – release Stop key STOP key – perform the transitions required to return the speed controller to “run” status 3-wire control “ATV58 powered up” – set the mankal input assigned to stop via logic input STOP to 1 STOP LI1 – perform the transitions required to return the speed controller to “run” status Local forcing: It comes with the specific documentation supplied with: However, the fieldbus which is not controlling the speed controller may send configuration words only when the motor manal stopped or adjustments, and read signalling words.


Their manhal can in no way beconsidered contractual. We also recommend consulting one of the Altivar 58 programming guides for additional explanations operation, factory settings, etc.