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It is primarily designed for computer applications powered from an ATX power supply. Each regulator is enabled and soft-started according to a preset sequence. This allows the VTT rail to float. Estimate Phase Margin – Repeat if Necessary.

The pin 1 identifier may be either a mold or mark feature. Approximate Losses while Sourcing current 2 1 -? This enables the ATX, which brings up the 12V rail. I x ESR If the output voltage desired is 0. A kHz Synchronous Buck Regulator with a precision 0. N is the number of terminals.

All Rights Reserved All other trademarks mentioned are the property of their respective owners. An external resistor divider is used to scale the output voltage relative to the reference voltage and feed it back to the inverting input of the at9137 amplifier, refer to the Typical Application on page 3. These should be selected based upon rDS ONgate zt9173 requirements, and thermal management requirements. During this interval the difference between the inductor current and the transient current level must be supplied by the output capacitor.

The following equations give the approximate response time interval for application and removal of a transient load: High frequency capacitors initially supply the transient and slow at91173 current load rate seen by the bulk capacitors. Careful component selection, tight layout of the critical components, and short, wide traces minimizes the magnitude of voltage spikes. The cascoded regulator will be disabled and the fault counter incremented by 1.


This reset lasts for three soft start cycles, which is typically 24ms one soft ddatasheet cycle is typically 8. See Tech Brief TB Information furnished by Intersil is believed to be accurate and reliable. Use only specialized low-ESR capacitors intended for switching-regulator applications for the bulk capacitors. Accordingly, the reader is cautioned to verify that data sheets are current before placing orders.

Under and Over-voltage Monitoring on All Outputs? The configuration of the pin 1 identifier is optional, but must be located within the zone indicated. Initialization The ISL automatically initializes upon receipt of input power. The initiation of soft start may affect other regulators.

Angles are in degrees. The minimum value for CSS can be found through the following equation: In high-current applications, the MOSFET power dissipation, package selection and heatsink are the dominant design factors.

AT9173 Datasheet PDF

Include worst case component variations when determining phase margin. Using the above guidelines should give a Compensation Gain similar to the curve plotted.

The counts that are required to reset the Fault Reset Counter represent 8 soft-start cycles, as one soft-start cycle is clock cycles. The lower switch realizes most of the switching losses when the converter is sinking current see the equations below.

AT 데이터시트(PDF) – Analog Microelectronics

High frequency decoupling st9173 should be placed as close to the power pins of the load as physically possible. Dimension b applies to the metallized terminal and is measured between 0.

  JBL 4530 PDF

The open loop error amplifier gain bounds the compensation gain. During S3 state, the VTT regulator is disabled. The filtering requirements are a function of the switching frequency and the ripple current.

Datasheet archive on 14-6-2011

However, the Equivalent Series Inductance Datasgeet of these capacitors increases with case size and can reduce the usefulness of the capacitor to high slew-rate transient loading. The maximum RMS current required by the regulator may be closely approximated through the following equation: Consult with the manufacturer of the load on specific decoupling requirements.

FB is the negative input to the voltage loop error amplifier. Figure 1 shows how the individual regulators are affected by the S3 state at time t7. Graphics cards – GPU and memory supplies? These devices are sensitive to electrostatic discharge; follow proper IC Handling Procedures.

If the Fault Reset Counter reaches a count of before another fault occurs, then the Fault Counter is cleared to 0. The ripple voltage and current are approximated by the following equations: The switching components should be placed close to the ISL first.

The digital soft start sequence will then begin. If a regulator af9173 already in regulation, then it will not be affected by the start up sequencing. Minimize the length of the connections between the input capacitors, CIN, and the power switches by placing them nearby. An over-current trip cycles the datasheeet function. Use the remaining printed circuit layers for small signal wiring.

This pin is monitored for under-voltage events.