Owner’s manual for the Pentax Spotmatic SP model 35mm SLR camera When the Asahi Pentax Spotmatic was introduced to the public at the Photokina. Distributed by Page 2. Distributed by . Page 3. Distributed by Page 4. Distributed by WWW. The Pentax Spotmatic refers to a family of 35mm single-lens reflex cameras manufactured by Asahi Optical used the name Takumar for their lenses. . Pentax Spotmatic, Takumar Info, Manuals and Photos ยท Spotmatic Family of Cameras.

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Wanderings of a Nomad 7 years ago. A small switch on the photographer’s left side of the lens housing was pushed up to stop down the lens and activate the meter; the exposure controls would then be adjusted to center a needle on the right edge of the viewfinder. The power supply is now four modern 1.

Pentax Spotmatic instruction manual, user guide

Forcing longer screws into the tripod socket of the camera will damage the mechanism. Here is my comment from PentaxForums. If not, you may need to clean out the battery compartment and contacts, and also check for corrosion.

When all extension tubes are used simultaneously with the 55mm lens, the subject may be enlarged on the film to a magnification of 1.

Steve M Smith Posted 7 years ago. It can be set up in seconds, and when disassembled, fits neatly into a pouch-type case which occupies very little space.

The outside meter light shows no sign of life on my camera. They produce power when the holes are uncovered.


All Takumar lenses from 85mm up to mm are supplied with a special lens hood. Spotmatuc dealer will forward the equipment to the Honeywell factory or nearest Honeywell repair station. Because the tolerances, quality, and design compatibility of lenses other than Pentax-Takumar lenses are beyond our control, damage caused by use of such lenses will not be covered by this warranty policy.

Therefore, the meter should be turned on after you have focused your subject on the ground glass. Any equipment which proves defective during the month warranty period should be returned to your Honeywell Pentax dealer. Therefore, by measuring the light as it passes through the lens and matching the exposure needle as seen through the viewfinder, you can be assured of properly exposed pictures under all but the most impossible lighting conditions.

If the cell is in the wrong way round, the meter will still work and the exposure should still be good with the needle in the middle but the over and under expsosure indications will be the wrong way round. Spotmatic IIa was made exclusively for the American market. Simply turn the dial so that the type of film in the camera is opposite the A mark.

Never believe everything you read on the internet. Boneil Photography 5 years ago.

Equipped with diaphragm preview lever which affords visual check of depth of field. The extension tube set consists of 3 rings: Cock the rapid wind lever for the next picture. I couldn’t find any of the above mentioned batteries at my local CVS but then headed to a Batteries Plus store ready to buy a from the above comments. Cock the rapid wind lover until it stops. The light meter is constantly switched on but there is an automatic cut-off when the light is at EV2 or less, so it is important to keep the lens cap on when the camera is not in use, in order to conserve the battery.


Silver and zinc-air batteries have a fairly constant discharge rate until they suddenly die.

As long as I remember the plus is now minus I should be okay. When holding the camera vertically, some people release the shutter with the thumb Position Bwhile others release it with the index finger Position C.

Ok great thank you!

Pentax Spotmatic

Filters and lens hood size: I just found this excellent summary of what type of battery each camera needs scroll down a mnaual messages: This page has been accessed 30, times.

Honeywell Pentax Spotmatic When the Pentax Spotmatic was introduced to the public at the Photokina, the photographic world’s fair in Cologne, Germany, it attracted immediate and keen attention. Retrieved from ” https: I’ll poke around the other threads for that info, but I pentxa wanted to affirm the drop-in use of the S battery for those with a similar camera.

The battery is not rechargeable.