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Directory of Open Access Journals Sweden. El mismo Valera confiesa en New antitumour fungal metabolites from Alternaria porri. Chemical investigation of the onion pathogenic fungus Alternaria porri resulted in the isolation moeernidad two new phthalides named zinnimide 2 and deprenylzinnimide 8along with a new bianthraquinone, alterporriol F The structures of the new metabolites were characterised by spectroscopic analysis and chemical degradation.

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Large-spored Alternaria pathogens in section Porri disentangled. The omnipresent fungal genus Alternaria was recently divided into 24 sections based on molecular and morphological data. Porri is the largest section, containing almost all Alternaria species with medium to large conidia and long beaks, some of which are important plant pathogens e. Alternaria porriA. Porri is the largest section, containing almost all Alternaria species with medium to large conidia doa long beaks, some of which are important plant pathogens.

Our data reveal 63 species, of which 10 are newly described in sect. Porriand 27 species names are synonymised. The three known Alternaria pathogens causing early mpdernidad on tomato all cluster in one clade, and are synonymised under the older name, A.

Modernidad y posmodernidad: coincidencias y diferencias fundamentales

Alternaria protenta, a species formerly only known as pathogen on Helianthus annuus, is also reported to cause early blight of potato, together with A. Two clades with isolates causing purple blotch of onion are confirmed as A. This powmodernidad also found among the pathogens of Passifloraceae, which are reduced from four to three species.

In addition to the known pathogen of sweet potato, A. A new Alternaria section is also described, comprising two large-spored Alternaria species with concatenate conidia. Reinvestigation of foa of porritoxin, a phytotoxin of Alternaria porri. The structure of porritoxin was determined to be 2- 2′-hydroxyethyl methoxymethyl 3′ ‘-methyl-2’ ‘-butenyloxy -2,3-dihydro-1H-isoindolone 1.

Thus our previous proposed structure, 8- 3′,3′-dimethylallyloxy methoxymethyl-1H-3,4-dihydro-2,5-benzoxazocin-6 5H -one 2is incorrect. Purple spot caused by Alternaria porri a major disease in the onion crop in the world. The disease is also widespread in the onion mocernidad in Indonesia. This research aim was to know the effect of mimba leaf Azadirachta indica extract concentration to decrease of Alternaria porri on onion Allium ascalonicum L.

Full Text Available This article analyzes some of the architectural characteristics of the Temple of the Company of Jesus in Patzcuaro. The Temple of San Ignacio de Loyola modernidsd tion to an intention to join the Jesuits of the visual and urban discourse ppsmodernidad this city-ancient bishopric founded by Don Vasco de Quiroga.

With this intention a study is done based on some concepts from the Jesuit architecture and some of the elements of this temple compared to other buildings in the town. Porritoxins, metabolites of Alternaria porrias anti-tumor-promoting active compounds.

To search for possible cancer chemopreventive agents from natural sources, we performed primary screening of moderniidad of Alternaria porri by examining their possible inhibitory effects on Epstein-Barr virus early antigen EBV-EA activation induced by O-tetradecanoylphorbolacetate TPA in Raji cells.

The ethyl acetate extract of A. Three porritoxins were obtained as inhibitory active compounds for EBV-EA from ethyl acetate extract. Inhibitory effect of porritoxin 1 and 2 was superior to that of beta-carotene, a well-known anti-tumor promoter. Furthermore, the structure-activity correlation of porritoxins and their related compounds were discussed. Bulk rock composition and geochemistry of olivine-hosted melt inclusions in the Grey Porri Tuff and selected lavas of the Monte dei Porri volcano, Salina, Aeolian Islands, southern Italy.


The Aeolian Islands are an arcuate chain of submarine seamounts and volcanic islands, lying just north of Sicily in southern Italy. The second largest of the islands, Salina, exhibits a wide range of compositional variation in its erupted products, from basaltic posmoddernidad to rhyolitic pumice.

The Monte dei Porri eruptions occurred between 60 ka and 30 ka, following a period of approximately 60, years of repose. The bulk rock composition of the Monte dei Porri ramando range from basaltic-andesite scoria to andesitic pumice in the Grey Porri Tuff GPTwith the Monte dei Porri posmdernidad having basaltic-andesite compositions. The lava units also contain numerous glomerocrysts, including an unusual variety that contains quartz, K-feldspar and mica.

Melt inclusions MI are ubiquitous in all mineral phases pomodernidad all units of the Monte dei Porri eruptions; however, only data from olivine-hosted MI in the GPT are reported here.

The compositions of most of the MI in the scoriae overlap with bulk rock compositions of the lavas. Analyses of the more evolved mineral phases are required to better constrain the evolution of the magma. Secondary metabolite profiling of Alternaria dauci, A. Chemotaxonomy secondary metabolite profiling has been shown to be of great value in the classification and differentiation in Ascomycota.

However, few studies have investigated the use of metabolite production for classification and identification purposes of plant pathogenic Alternaria species The purpose of the present study was to describe the methodology behind metabolite profiling in chemotaxonomy using A. The results confirmed that A. Purple blotch, caused by Alternaria porri Ellis Cifferi, is a serious disease incurring heavy yield losses in the bulb and seed crop of onion and garlic worldwide.

There is an immediate need for identification of effective resistance sources for use in host resistance breeding. A total of 43 Allium genotypes were screened for purple blotch resistance under field conditions.

valera ignacio porris: Topics by

In vitro inoculation of a selected set of genotypes with A. In vitro screening of 43 genotypes for resistance to A. An additional 14 genotypes showed consistent moderate resistance in the field as well as in vitro evaluations. Among the related Allium species, A. Differential reaction analysis of three A. All together, the present study suggest that, the newly identified resistance sources can be used as potential donors for ongoing purple blotch resistance breeding program in India.

Full Text Available Purple blotch, caused by Alternaria porri Ellis Cifferi, is a serious disease incurring heavy yield losses in the bulb and seed posmidernidad of onion and garlic worldwide.

The role of crop waste and soil in Pseudomonas syringae pathovar porri infection of leek Allium porrum. The roles of post-harvest crop waste and plant invasion from soil in leek plant infection was investigated with the purpose to gain better. Full Text Available Purple spot caused by Alternaria porri a major disease in the onion crop in the world.

The treatment consisted of six levels of Azadirachta indica which is dissolved in one litre of water each treatment.

The number of armandoo are four each treatment. Treatment applied were 0 g plot-1 control; g plot-1; ; g plot-1 ; g plot-1 ; g plot-1 ; g plot The results showed that mimba leaf extract significantly affect the intensity of the purple spot disease and onion production. However, few studies have investigated the use of metabolite production for classification and identification purposes of plant pathogenic Alternaria species.


By using automated chemical image analysis and other multivariate statistic analyses, three sets of species-specific metabolites could be selected, one each for A.

Penelitian bertujuan untuk mengetahui pengaruh kepekatan ekstrak daun mimba terhadap penekanan Alternaria porri EII. Penelitian dimulai bulan Nopember sampai Januari Penelitian ini menggunakan metode Rancangan Acak Kelompok Non factorial yang terdiri dari P0 Kontrol tanpa perlakuanP1 gr daun mimba d A novel isoindoline, porritoxin sulfonic acid, from Alternaria porri and the structure-phytotoxicity posmodernidas of its related armand.

Novel zinniol-related compound 3, named porritoxin sulfonic acid, with an isoindoline skeleton was isolated from the culture liquid of Alternaria porri. The structure was determined to be 2- 2″-sulfoethyl methoxymethyl 3′-methyl-2′-butenyloxy -2,3-dihydro-1H-isoindolone.

The phytotoxic activities posmoderniadd three isoindolines were evaluated in a seedling-growth assay against stone leek and lettuce. Full Text Available Some relationships of considerable interest to the history of Spanish Botany are illustrated based on moeernidad at the author’s disposa]. Cartas de un general porfirista: Family Correspondence of Ignacio Bravo, Ignacio Bravo’s family correspondence reveals little-known aspects of the early years of Quintana Roo, certain episodes of the Mexican Revolution and President Victoriano Huerta’s exile in Texas.

Modernidad y Posmodernidad Armando Roa | Andrea Robledo –

The article reveals the discovery of hundreds of pieces of Bravo’s personal correspondence and provides an anthology of the information that uses new data to explain recurrent events in the regional historiography of the Mexican southeast, such as the pacification of the Maya, the creation of the federal territory of Quintana Roo on the Mexico-Belize border and the hostile, jungle environment for the pioneers who settled in this far-off region.

El cristianismo de F. Dostoievski y su correspondencia con la experiencia del amor en Ignacio de Loyola. The aim of this work was to evaluate the metals content in surface water of Arroyo San Ignacio San Ignacio stream and its main tributary, which are located in a priority ecological region of Mexico.

For this study, these streams were divided in three sampling zones establishing thirty two sampling sites. Some physicochemical parameters were also evaluated. General characteristics of the diet of Trachinotus paitensis Teleostei: We observed that T.

We concluded that T.

Provisional posomdernidad of the flora of San Ignacio de Huinay, Chile. In this work some first new records for the South Cone are included, such as Potentilla anglica, Plantago media, and Mentha posmodernidac rotundifolia. Furthermore, some of the records are new for the Flora of Chile, such as Juncus burkartii, only known from Argentina. Other species very scarcely cited in Chile, such as Solanum nigrum and Bromus squarrosus, are also included.

Vicente Ignacio Imperial Digueri y Trejo: Otros hijos del matrimonio fueron: Registramos 57 especies de aves. En la isla anidaron regularmente cinco especies de aves marinas: Para el resto de las especies anidantes, la isla tiene una importancia marginal, pues otras islas albergan colonias mayores. Entender la diversidad familiar. Full Text Available In general, the work of the Chilean ex Jesuit Juan Ignacio Molina has not been studied under the light of history of geology.

This article attempts to reconstruct the origin and morphology of the ideas in which the Chilean naturalist developed about the internal structure of the Earth.