Apollyon: The Destroyer is Unleashed is the fifth book in the Left Behind series, written by Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins and released in Plot Summary . You’d think with a book called Apollyon: The Destroyer Is Unleashed there would at the very least be a character names Apollyon in the book. Sadly, no. There is. Apollyon: the Destroyer Unleashed by Tim F. LaHaye, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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They explain faith away.

Apollyon: The Destroyer Is Unleashed Audiobook | Tim LaHaye, Jerry B. Jenkins |

With the so-called blessing of the Antichrist, Nicolae Carpathia, the great conference of witnesses is scheduled to occur in Israel. At this time, Israel’s alollyon turns to blood, which Carpathia blames on the Two Witnesses. It is at this point that horrid-looking locust creatures come swarming onto the scene, going after those without the Seal of God and chanting ” Apollyon “. I found that this book was almost as good as the third and fourth books my favorites in the series so far but not quite as riveting, action packed, and engaging.

This is the 5th book in the series and they are all pretty much the same for me when it ujleashed to storyline and consistency.

But since most readers are current, and we’re waiting until the next book comes out, all that time goes by and we can’t remember what the whole deal with Amanda was, or who the other Christian guy working with Carpathia was, a couple books ago, for example He must deal with the not-very-smart Bo Hanson and his friend Ernie, who it turns out has faked the mark of the believer to gain access to Ken’s stash of money, which is very large.

I tear through it, page into page, and am always disappointed when I reach the end. Hattie suspects that Nicolae had her poisoned, just as he also had Bruce Barnes poisoned, and reveals to Rayford that all those rumored reports about Amanda Steele secretly working for Carpathia were all plants set up by Hattie under his orders, thus vindicating Amanda in Rayford’s mind as a true believer.


The book I purchased was in excellent condition, complete with dust cover and library loan record card. See all reviews.

Still, though, it would be nice to see somebody slap him in the spiritual face with this verse about adultery, in my opinion. He returns with Ddstroyer Ritz as his pilot in time to find Hattie Durham getting sicker during her pregnancy. With special features relating to current events and end-times prophecy. Keep going is all I can say. However it did not dissuade me from continuing the series. Some entity to appear and manifest itself.

But I guess that’s true of life. Starting this review is well, easy to say the least. However, parts of the story really drag. Shopbop Designer Fashion Brands. In addition, the interpretations of Scripture that make up the plotline are mind blowing, frightening, and fascinating.

Don’t have a Kindle? I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again Start reading Apollyon Left Behind, No.

Still easy to read, but exciting. Buck, the ace newspaper reporter, and Chloe, his wife, are debating whether to have a child when the future of the world is so uncertain. Well, in my opinion, the more the merrier! From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Nov 01, Rod rated it really liked it.

This was a great read, with the action driving the story forward at a faster clip. Buck is still in Israel after a failed attempt to get him on the plane, returning to Chaim’s estate. The last night of the conference, the Two Witnesses appear at the stadium.

Print HardbackPaperbackand Audiobook. A very satisfying fifth installment to the Left Behind Series. Bad CGI strikes again! I think the way he extends the plot and twists it is nothing short of amazing.

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. He was the first to die from the original group. I started reading the first book in this wonderful series just as soon as I heard about them. The only part I really found boring in this book was all the pretty birthday tales of the baby. To ask other readers questions about Apollyonplease sign up.


When does the main character give birth? When his horde of demon locusts finally put in an appearnce, about two-thirds of the way in, they are only there for about two chapters and are not all that terrifying.

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The back of the book says this is the “most shocking and explicit portrayal” in the Left Behind series yet. However, it did disappoint me in select areas. In addition, the temperature has dropped dramatically, causing a “mini-ice age” of sorts.

To escape from Carpathia’s forces they swap it with a Trib Force chopper, but Buck and Ken don’t make it to the Chopper before the door closes, but manage to hold onto one of the landing skids during takeoff. He wants everyone to practice the religion they believe in but wants this group to join the One World Faith.

I was not required to write a positive review. Am already reading the next book and am very pleased that there are a few more good reads awaiting me when I finish the current one.

They switched narrators so for a while it was difficult to know who was talking. Good but not great. A few days later, the sun brightens back to its former energy output and the world is ‘saved’ The monster you may remember from Pilgrims Progress doesn’t appear – he’s only mentioned by the strangest locust demons you’ll ever read about – UNTILL you realise that’s exactly how the Bible describes them!