Results 1 – 16 of OLD NCERT BOOKS – 1) Ancient India- R.S. SHARMA India’s Ancient Past Edition . by Prof. R. S. Sharma and Vasanti Fadake. Ancient India R S Sharma Pdf Download Old NCERT NCERT, Book, History,. WhatsApp. Print Friendly Version of this page Print Get a PDF. The NCERT had entrusted the lesponsibility of preparing courses and . CHAPTER 1 The Importance of Ancient Indian History The study of ancient Indian .

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The Wonder That was India A. History of India, Vol. I Romila Thapar 5.

UPSC MAINS Indian history Books

Sharma only Conclusion 6. A History of South India K. Ancient India Social and Culture – Luniya An Advanced History of India – R. Raychaudhurai, – Kalikinkar Datta Ancient India – L. Ashoka and the decline of mouryan empire – Romila Thapar Facets of Indian Culture – Spectrum Medieval India Macmillan Satish Chandra 3. The Wonder That was India Vol. The Mughal Empire J.


The Marathas – Gordon 8. Medival India – L. A history of South India – K. IGNOU material especially on agriculture and agrarian relations and culture Modern India Macmillan Sumit Sarkar 3.

Administrative History Pravin Kumar b.

: R.S. Sharma: Books

Constitutional History Pravin Kumar c. Social History Pravin Kumar d. Freedom Struggle Pravin Kumar 7.

Peasant Movements in India D. India’s Struggle for Independence Bipan Chandra and others 9. Gandhi -Judith Brown A struggle for Independence – Bipin Chandra Freedom Struggle – Bipinchandra Modern India – L.

A new look ancint the modern Indian history – B. India’s struggle for independence – Bipin Chandra Modern India – Sumit Sarkar IGNOU material esspecially on freedom struggle.

The story of Civilization, Vol. Age of Revolution E.

Age of Capital E. Age of Empires E. Europe Since Napoleon David Thompson Europe Since W.

Ancient India R S Sharma Pdf Download Old NCERT –

Prov.r.s.sharma Since James Joll. Indian History – Krishna Reddy 2. Indian History – Agnihotri 3. Civil Services Books For Economics. Civil Services Books For Botany.


Civil Services Books For Chemistry.