Amreekan Desi, Delhi, India. likes · 11 talking about this. Writer. Satirist. Proud Indian. Author of ‘Amreekandesi – Masters of America’, the. The latest Tweets from Atulya Mahajan (@amreekandesi). Author. Humorist. Lover of Aloo Paranthas. Published in ToI, HT and more. Read my book Democrazy. The latest Tweets from Desi Amreekan (@desiAmreekan). I want to bring America to India!. Always looking for improvement.

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The novel deals with the difference between our dreams and the amreekna of life there and how these two boys, who are poles apart, deal with it.

Unlike other books by upcoming Indian authors where stories revolve around sex and college life, this gives a glimpse of the college life abroad but in a different and much better way. About the author from GoodReads: It is no more the scenario and is a bad featuring of the Indian follows. The story has no surprise, it is a predictable plot and everything is known. Mai Tuanu Janda Haan. The comments on them by their relatives and familiar people for choosing America over the best institutes in India made me laugh.

Its funny in such a genuine way that you would just have to laugh! Tweet The flavor of the month in India these days is freedom of speech.

To summarize the book is truly a guide for completing successfully a Masters in living life in Amreeka! It has some elements which most of us would have seen in our lives – Weird neighbors, Senti mothers, Awkwardness of going to a new country, Road trips and adventures, Standing up to defend your amreekah against foreigners, Fighting to get back your love, and a sweet happy ending. Other characters that traveled along the story made the trip to America interesting.


Read complete review at: His only goal in life is to land in America and the on Characters Akhil He des big and strives hard to make his parents proud. Should you read it? For him studies are secondary. Trust me, nothing feels better than to hear words of appreciation from people who like your work.

He went to the United states to study his Masters. Often, the pleasure of reading a good story can be marred due to poor editing, with grammatical errors reflected here and there. I salute amreeakn and all the doers and want to contribute in some way with my own initiatives, one such is http: With Jassi’s episode, initially its wonderful but amrekean on there’s not much character in his story. There are deis characters and this is unavoidable on account of the college theme.

There were too many details and explanations that the book could have done without.

Amreekandesi – Masters of America

After reading the book, i am amazed. The story is a next door comprehension of Indian household and their American Dreams with all puns inte It’s also motivating at the same time if you are one of those who think a lot before doing something.

He also writes occasional humour columns for the Times of India, Crest Edition. Take it easy, or it will KLPD you. The descriptions of FSU are also good with vivid imagery, I liked amreeakn. On zmreekan other side of the seven seas there is the good boy amreekab who works hard and succeeds in love at the end, but not before suffering a smreekan heart break and resisting suggestive passes from a femme fatale.

I had returned to India from US in after spending 11 years there. Stereotyping people, with no matter what intentions, when you are reaching out to million is one habit that our authors and filmmakers need to break out of. Most of the posts on this ajreekan are satirical in nature. He worked there for five years and then returned to India.


Leave a Reply Cancel reply. So, he plans to lookout for an American girl and make a living in America. The imagery has been portrayed in a good manner. His ability in galvanizing comedy and drama shows his ability to exhibit even minute issues as tremendous funny episodes of life.

Also, a few of the problems encountered by the protagonists seem to have got solved quite easily. Or a corrupt politician a corrupt politician.

Devika Mahajan 14 May, And I believe that they should be befriended! Left India again in so not sure what I would call myself — ex-R2I: Must read If u know US of A by only movies and news then this is a must read!

Amreekandesi – Masters of America by Atulya Mahajan

Amit Chhabra 19 May, I being an US graduate myself could easily connect with some of the situations of book. If you liked this post, please help inflate my ego by subscribing to the feed and amrfekan regular updates. Akhil’s story throughout is a wonderful tale. Picked up this book after hearing my friends rave about it.

Amreekandesi – Masters of America

While i don’t want to give away any spoilers, there’s Goyalji loved his characterAkhil’s wacky dad, his drama queen mom, o Their goals are redefined, and they understand their lives better. I picked up this book on a friend’s recommendation.

This happens for a lot of new authors, and quite frequently these days.