InfoIcon Technologies provides akelos development. Akelos PHP Framework is a web application development platform. Our developers provide cost-effective. This means that the Akelos PHP Framework is the ideal candidate for distributing standalone web applications as it does not require any non-standard PHP. Apr 16, Akelos is a PHP framework for developing database-backed web applications according to the MVC pattern. Being port of Ruby on Rails to.

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Akelos source-code repository, development wiki and bug-report system

The Subversion repository resides at http: I recently has a look at their recently-relaunched community website and I noticed this phrase: Is there any website using Akelos already? Tickets are fine, but patches are great.

It has functions for working with files and directories in common situations when the web server runs as a different user.

Your database details have to be filled in the framework’s wizard which starts once it is installed.

Akelos – Review » PHP » Best Web Frameworks

There are a lot of frameworks for PHPperhaps too many: Feel like updating inline documentation with the improvements already committed into Rails. These resolutions are the pathway to commit. If you continue without changing your settings, we’ll assume that you are happy to receive all cookies on the website. This include cookies from third party websites if you visit a page which contains embedded content from third parties.


Akelos PHP Framework

Based on good practices, it allows you to:. Bask in the glory of being an Akelos contributor! On the other hand, many PHP developers have moved to Ruby because PHP lacked a hyper-productive and fun-to-use framework like Rails for building complex applications. As an example we will create a simple phonebook that submits data to a MySQL database.

Akelos can be used for accessing a MySQL or PgSQL database through the modelprocessing the data by the controllerand presenting it to the user through the view. Write views using Ajax easily Control requests and responses through a controller Manage akslos applications Communicate models and the database using simple conventions. Did you or someone do any performance test or benchmarks on Akelos already?

I started coding Akelos back in for our internal developments.

Akelos and Rails do not implement ACL like Cake does, as that is a business logic component that varies too much from one case to other, it has no place frsmework the framework. Akelos has ported many Ruby on Rails components keeping their interfaces and functionality whenever it was feasible to port the Ruby code to PHP.

Their number kaelos on the logic of the program. That’s the data model. Checking out the source The Subversion repository resides at http: Please become one of them. Akelos is designed to work on PHP4 and PHP5 and it comes with an easy web installer you can adapt for your application.


Our partners also use cookies to ensure we show you advertising that is relevant to you. There can be certain functions that do not access web pages or some code that has to be executed before the page is viewed.

Based on good practices, it allows you to: Based on good practices, it allows you to: Akelos Brief overview Name: Web developers writing database applications using PHP. Fill out this akkelos and we will contact you with in 24 hrs. It might be considered a port in the sense of functionality, but there are some Rails strengths that rely on the Ruby language and that are impossible to port to PHP.

These frameworks were not my ideal of an Agile development environment, so I decided to brew my own solution.