Thyro-A is an international registered trademark of AEG Power. Solutions GmbH. Windows and Windows NT are registered trademarks of the Microsoft. The Thyro-A is a communication-capable Thyristor Power Controller. synchronization option (in TAKT operating mode with Thyro-Power Manager option) and. These operating instructions are part of the Power Controller Thyro-A. . change parts not approved by AEG SVS as well as any other use of Thyro-A is not.

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These operating thryo-a are part of the Power Controller Thyro-A. The operator of this device is obliged to provide, without restriction, these operating instructions to all persons transporting, commissioning, maintaining or performing other work on this device.

In accordance with the Product Liability Act, ghyro-a manufacturer of a product has an obligation to provide explanations and warnings as follows: The information given below must be understood in this respect. It is to advise thyr-a product user and protect him and his systems. In case of destruction of the power components e.

If such a situation occurs, then load voltages and currents are produced from the power circuit. It must be ensured by system design that no uncontrolled large currents, voltages or power occur. Malfunction and the results With malfunction it is possible that power, voltage aeh flow levels which are higher than planned reach the Thyristor Power Controller or load.

In principle, this tyhro-a lead to the Power Controller or load being damaged. Transport Thyristor Power Controllers are only to be transported in their original packaging protection against damage e. Installation If the Thyristor Power Controller is brought into the operation room from a cold environment, moisture due to condensation can occur. Prior to thhyro-a being commissioned, the Thyristor Power Controller must be absolutely dry.

Therefore, wait for a minimum of two hours before commissioning. Connection Prior to connection, it must be ensured that the voltage information on the type plate corresponds with the mains voltage.

The voltage-free state is to be determined by means of suitable measuring instruments. This work is only to be carried out by a skilled electrician.

The electrical regulations which are locally valid are to be adhered to. Repairs may only be carried out by qualified and trained maintenance personnel. Even after disconnection from the mains voltage, capacitors may still contain a dangerously high power level.

Even when the Thyristor Power Controller tnyro-a not triggered, the load circuit is not disconnected from the mains. Approvals and conformities Addresses 60 List of illustrations and tables Fig. NOTE This is where remarks on technical requirements and additional information is given which the user must observe. Accident prevention rules Thyeo-a is imperative that the accident prevention rules of the country of application and thyor-a generally applicable safety regulations are observed.

All work must be monitored by the responsible specialist personnel. Intended use CAUTION The Thyristor Power Controller may thyor-a be employed in the sense of its purpose of use see the section of the chapter on safety instructions under the same nameotherwise hazards to persons e. The person responsible for the system must ensure that: These operating instructions contain all information required by specialists for the use of Thyro-A. Additional information and notes for unqualified persons and for the use of Thyro-A outside of industrial installations are not contained in these operating instructions.



The warranty obligation of the manufacturer applies only if these operating instructions are observed. Warranty No liability is assumed when using Thyro-A for applications not provided for by the manufacturer. The responsibility for the necessary measures to avoid hazards to persons and property is borne by the operator or the user.

In case of complaints on Thyro-A, please notify us immediately stating: Type thyr-oa, production number, complaint, ambient conditions, operating mode, duration of use. Product characteristics which are only available for the type range Thyro-A These operating instructions correspond to the technical state of Thyro-A at the time of publication. The contents are not subject matter of the contract, but serve only as information.

Modification of information contained in these operating instructions, especially technical data, operation, dimensions and weights, remain reserved at any time.

AEG SVS reserves the right to content modifications and technical changes within the present operating instructions without obligation of notification. Handling These operating instructions for Thyro-A are set out so that all work required for commissioning, maintenance and repair may be performed by corresponding specialist personnel. Abbreviations In this description the following specific abbreviations are used: Any complaints on goods delivered are to be submitted, together with the delivery note, within eight days of receipt.

All other companies and product names are the registered trademarks of tuyro-a respective owners. Introduction Thyro-A has been conceived to meet the demands for simple assembly, speedier thyyro-a and safer operation.

For transport, assembly, installation, commissioning, operation and decommissioning, it is essential that the safety instructions included in these operating instructions are observed and made available to all persons handling this product. In case of uncertainties or missing information, please contact your supplier.

The described operating mode QTM is in preparation. It will also simply be referred to as Power Controller or Controller. It can be used wherever voltages or currents need to be controlled or regulated in processing technology. Coupling to different bus systems, e. Thyro-A 1A Thyristor controller with single phase power section suited for single phase loads Thyro-A 2A Thyristor controller with double phase power section suited for symmetrical loads in three phase operation in three phase saver circuit Example Thyro-A 1A Thyristor controller with single phase power section Functions To enable Thyro-A to adjust optimally to the desired application, it is equipped with a wide range of functions.

These are described below. Further functions are possible by applying Thyro-A within a bus system. In this operating mode almost no harmonics are created.

Whole multiples of the mains periods are switched, thus avoiding d. The full wave switch mode is especially suited for loads with thermal inertia. Depending on the function angle 1. Should there be a flicker, this can be minimized with the aid of the mains load optimization. Phase-angle principle VAR for 1A Depending on the prescribed set point, the sine oscillation of the mains voltage is gated using a larger or smaller control angle.

This operating mode is characterized by high control dynamics. With phase-angle control harmonics of the mains voltage occur. It is possible to compensate these by using circuit variants.


Depending on the prescribed set point, mains half waves are switched. The fast phase control is particularly suited for IR beams as an alternative to phase-angle control. When using several controllers it is possible, by synchronisation, to keep the mains reactions small. All signals customary on the market may be used. The adaption is made by changing the starting and ending points of the control characteristic.

Input set points The Power Controller Thyro-A is equipped with two input set points which are isolated from the mains, of which only one is always active. The following signal ranges can be set: Within the stated input ranges these values with the control characteristic may be adjusted to any common signal characteristic. H RLP with additional P-control.

Aeg THYRO-A Manuals

Mains voltage variations and load changes are directly and quickly adjusted by bypassing the sluggish temperature control system. Before commissioning the Power Controller and selecting a control mode, familiarisation with the operating procedure and the effect upon the application is important. Activation of the integrated semiconductor fuse can aev signalled using the K1 fault indicating relay undercurrent detection. This has a relay. The following table shows the configuration of the corresponding terminals.

Alarm relay K1 Root X3. This produces the following absolute limiting values: If the undervoltage limit is undercut, the pulse lock is activated internally and relay K1 is released. The value is set by potentiometer R During the setting procedure an instrument connected to the analog output indicates the monitoring value.

AEG Thyro-a Thyristor Power Controller 1a 500-40

Generally, the effective current value measured is continuously compared with a presettable absolute current limit for undercurrent. If thyr-a limit is undercut, an indication shows. In the case of resistance elements arranged in parallel, it is possible to select a partial thyrro-a interruption by setting the undercurrent limit accordingly. The temperature of the heat sink is measured. In case of a temperature overrange a fault indication ensues and relay K1 switches default settings.

Different variations can be realized depending on the requirements. In case of malfunctions on the bus line, the set point value will be taken automatically from thtro-a Power Controller analog input, as indicated in Chapter 3. It is thus possible to perform additional application functions.

The data, which can be accessed via the bus module, is specified in the corresponding bus module operating instructions. In order to achieve thyroa narrower line width with a line recorder the output signal can be smoothed as required. As a result, the time up to the initial switch-on varies.

This makes staggered switching possible, particularly with the slow pulse time of 1 sec. Values with an interval of mean a delayed switch-on by one pulse period T0 group formation. This function also allows switch-on to, for instance, an emergency power generator step-by-step switch-on of the load. Mains load Contents Sync.

Operation This chapter describes the operating elements of Thyro-A. For default settings see chapter 8.