Cons. They misrepresent how easy it will be to provide work for you. They take a big cut of what they are charging the client. They don’t return. So I submitted my resume, completed my profile online at Robert Half The call made it seem as though Robert Half was offering me a direct job in their IT. Research Accountemps with over reviews from real employees. Learn from their stories “I am paid every week thru Direct Deposit, normally every Tuesday.”.

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Job Seeker in Sterling Heights, Michigan. So I submitted my resume, completed my profile online at Robert Half Technologies, all fine and wonderful. I get a call on Monday for an interview having completed everything Friday evening. The call made it seem as though Robert Half was offering me a direct job in their IT department. After further research I read nothing but bad things about this company but decided to be professional and show up for the interview. The first thing they request is two forms of ID which they make a copy of.

They then give you a stack of paperwork to fill out of which includes a W2 form and an I9. Filling these out means you are now legally employed by Robert Half.

*Warning* Robert Half – Robert Half Technology Jobs |

I direcct to fill them out as coming from a business world I knew what that meant. She then asked me to at least meet with the recruiter and see what he has to offer, so I agreed to. Basically they are a contract to “potential hire” company that will can you after they receive pay for the work you have done. StaffingExpert in Pleasanton, California.

The admin answered the phone differently because Robert Half has seven divisions, all of which specialize in different industries.

Accountemps does accountingOffice Team dirsct administrativeLegaletc. Most offices have more than one line of business in them, hence her answering the phone differently.

Two forms of ID are requested and tax paperwork filled out because it should be a safe assumption that if you are coming in to meet, you are interested in us marketing you out to clients.

Accountems a client calls and says, “I need a bookkeeper tomorrow with Peachtree experience” we’re not going to waste time calling you, having you come in THEN to fill out paperwork and then scramble to get you out to a client in the morning. And yes, Robert Half has divisions that to do temporary and temp-to-hire staffing, and we have divisions that do permanent placement.

Durect not a secret. V in Houston, Texas.

I worked for Robert Half at a terrible company for 3 days. On Friday my boss got sick and had to go home early. I didn’t have a time card.

I called Robert Half’s office to ask what I should do and I was put on hold for over 40 minutes. John Doe in Denver, Colorado. Job Seeker in Sterling Heights, Michigan said: Do you understand what a temp agency is?

Obviously, they are not going to be hiring you to directly work in their building. Do your research before applying for a job. They were interviewing you to see if you were even a viable candidate to expose to other clients that are hiring.


Temp Agency, figure out what it is, then express your opinion on the matter. Do not provide people with false information as if it were a scam. You said you did research? Most staffing firms are full of deceitful recruiters that will say anything to meet their quotas and account reps that will do or say anything to place someone. They are for the most part shallow people that primarily can’t do something so they try to place skilled people to do what they can’t do.

Any company that wants your SSN up front, like RHT, so they can check your age and do a credit check should be avoided at all costs. They make you sign a waiver against any damage they may do to you or your reputation and if they get hacked or leave your application lying around so the cleaning crew can steal your personal information and open up loans or such with your personal information it is tough.

*Warning* Robert Half

Also, be careful about what you say to recruiters as they move around a lot and if you get burned at RHT this week that recruiter may be working at TEKsystems Kelly or Crescent next week and you’ll be screwed there as well. Moreover, if you have been working with one staffing firm and switch to another expect the old firm to burn you at every one of their clients.

It is as sure as the sun rising in the morning. One day they love you and next day you are hard to get along with and have “personal issues” when they take the client out to lunch or a round of golf. Believe, I have seen it happen. Not a bad idea to pay an law firm a few hundred after you part company with a staffing firm to do a background check with them on your behalf.

Don’t be surprised if they burn you. Do yourself a favor and go through a small staffing company if you can find an honest one. The big nationwide recruiting firms don’t care one bit about you. You are just billable hours, plain and simple. Anonymous in Macon in East Dublin, Georgia. I went on assignment for Robert Half in July of last year. I worked for a rude, nasty manager in a dept at a local collegewho was hardly ever there because she was always on vacation.

After finding out that I was the fifth temp in less than two months, and two former employees were suing the college for hostile work environment because of this woman, I called the temp agency, spoke with the supervisor, and asked to be put on a different assignment. The supervisor attempted to call the office, even though I told him she was on yet another vacation, and when I offered to give him her cell, he refused, and told m e” I wouldn’t worry about it”.

I advised him that I did not want to get a phone call out of the blue stating not to return, because I needed my job. Sure enough, I got a phone call out of the blue, a few days before my 90 day temp to hire date, and told not to return. The supervisor at the job site did not give a reason, and when I advised accountemps that I was trying to avoid this exact situation the supervisor actually got irate with me.

I do not ever plan on working for them again. Accountemps did not care that I was in a hostile work environment, they just wanted the money they were making off having me there. I handled accounts receivable and they actually charged two times my hourly rate. Frank Simpson in Georgia. Emme in Matawan, New Jersey. Frank Simpson in Georgia said: But you don’t fill those out until you are offered a position. Robert Half pretty clearly states on their website that they are “.


Notice that full-time is the last on the list. They do a lot of of contract work. I’ve been working with Robert Half since April and have been quite happy. I am working for one of their divisions, Creative Group, which fills temp positions in the marketing field.

I interviewed and filled out my paperwork in March but didn’t get a job a few weeks later. I got a call from my recruiter who said an employer had a report due the next day, could I work from home. I said yes and within a half hour I began work on the project. Had I not filled out the paperwork, I would not have been able to do that job because they needed someone right away. That is the nature of temping. If you do not like that way it works, that is fine, but don’t act as if it is a scam.

I now have a long-term placement with flexible hours and still occasionally do at home work for the first client because they really liked my work.

It’s a great for my needs now. I have several vacations planned and other reasons I need quite a few days off. I would not be able to do that with a regular job but I can as a temp. I get paid every week. I submit my time sheet electronically, the client approves it and my money is direct deposited. Happy Camper in Festus, Missouri. I am working on an accounting job through Robert Half.

I interviewed on a Monday and started my job on a Thursday. They have treated me very well. I received a call from them today asking if I liked the position and checking up on me. Timesheets are easy to complete online, you get paid weekly and the entire process is depoosit. No complaints in South Weymouth, Massachusetts. Ive been hired temp to perm and have no qualms about the experience so far. Everything was positioned honestly and there was nothing deceitful or shady about the process.

I was very hesitant leaving a well established job but took a leap of faith based off of my experience. The negative posts seem more like the individuals are upset with themselves rather than Robert Half. Upload your resume Sign in. Forums are open to the public. Content accojntemps not continuously monitored. All content is user created. If you have a complaint about any content on Indeed, please contact Customer Support.

Indeed reserves the right to remove any posts which Indeed feels are not relevant to jobs and company search. My advice is to avoid this company at all costs. Ignorant posts like this need to be rebutted. My advice is to avoid this company at all accountfmps Do you understand what a temp agency is?