I have been given a wireless mouse a and i can’t find the right click or scroll option does this mouse have these features if not can it be. Bluetooth Mouse User Manual details for FCC ID BCG made by Apple Inc.. Document Includes User Manual LLbook. Apple Wireless Mouse – Apple A Bluetooth Wireless Optical Mouse (White)- Apple A Wireless Mouse (White) Features/Specifications: Apple A

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To start the conversation again, simply ask a new question.

I was given a PowerBook G4 laptop at a recent Mac user group meeting. My plan for the computer is to donate the laptop and the parts and pieces given to me to a local agency.

The agency will then give it so some family that needs but can’t afford a computer. The computer came with Tiger, and I have the disks. But the presumed original owner has installed In looking around Apple, I think this is a bluetooth version of the Mighty Mouse.

wireless mouse a1015

But Mouze been unable to locate a photo that matches this mouse. On the batt cover, the Model is A but a search has returned 0 results. I assume that to turn the mouse on, you slide the cover to expose the LED light. And, the light should turn on. The batteries are good. In looking at the mouse, I think the sliding cover should depress what I’ll call a switch, ahen when I manually depress the switch, the LED turns on, and is discovered. Without the light on, the computer will not discover the mouse.

After discovery, and continuing mouze hold the switch down to keep the LED on, the mouse will mosue pair up to the computer. Posted on Aug 23, 8: Aug 23, 8: Aug 24, 5: This is an early model A Apple wireless, optical mouse. It uses a bluetooth radio to communicate with the Mac.

Once you slide open the optical port, the lights emit no visible light, though on my later model mouse, there is a green led. Bluetooth mice need to “pair” with the host computer to be usable.

In System Preferences, you start this process by clicking on Bluetooth preferences. Aug 24, 6: In the link you posted, the right hand image is the mouse I have.

After tracking down the image, it’s from an eBay sale with a good pic of the switch. When I saw the note in mose sale about no battery cover, and using a piece of paper to keep the switch turned on, that solved problems here. I’d been cussing the Apple engineers about the design of the cover, it didn’t want to easily be removed.

Then I remembered a piece of metal floating in the computer case the laptop came in. Sure enough, it’s both a spring to make the cover easily removeable, as well as activate the switch replaces the paper in the eBay ad in the mouse when the slide switch is moved in the battery cover.

The flat spring will not stay attached to the battery cover. Looks to be a manufacturing defect of melting the plastic “pins” to a101 the spring to the cover, or originally it was a press fit of the spring over the pins. Got any suggestions how to permanently attach the spring? I have an idea to try, but would appreciate feedback that might be better than my idea. Tape is not an option. So I’m most of the way home. No manual for this particular mouse, and I still don’t know what mousse switch at the end of the mouse does.

  LC4032V 75TN48C PDF

Just a comment on the mouse link you gave me I have Javascript and other things disabled, and the encoding of mouae full URLs irritate me any more. Plus the animation of watching things typed into Google was fun the first couple of times I saw it, but now it muose my time.

Apple Wireless Mouse (A) prototype | Jim Abeles | Flickr

A1105 wonder how long that takes to happen for those like my neighbors who are still on dialup. They don’t switch from dialup for budgetary reasons, if you get my meaning. Just something for you to consider when offering help.

Please don’t stop offering the help, though. I can’t tell for sure, but I don’t think the mouse in the photo has the buttons on the side like the mouse I have does.

So, I’m guessing the photo is the old one button mouse, and I have a 4 button mouse. Those indicators are not what I was referring to.

Apple Wireless Mouse Bluetooth Mz/a A5 | eBay

Sep 22, 6: This is a link to the manual for that mouse: Aug 24, 7: With respect to the link It seems to mous that you are suffering from a chronic case of missing-the-point. The first time you clicked that link it was me wasting your time; my bad, but gotcha, laughs all around. Any time you clicked it after that you knew what was going to happen, so you were wasting your own time.

Aug 24, 9: I just have the pieces laying in the correct position, no permanent repair. Would have simply thrown them on the scanner, but the all-in-one unit with scanner that was installed was removed yesterday to be donated with the laptop mentioned in my original post. The round end of the spring pops the battery cover off when the mpuse is released. The other end depresses the switch in the mouse when the slide in the battery cover is moved.

The wired version of a mouse similar in construction to that unit came with my iMac. When the trackball stopped scrolling, I found out you had to end a115 using Super Glue to reassemble, and that’s no way to design a product, IMO. But, I always hated that mouse, it didn’t fit my hand, and typing on the keyboard reminds me of the horrible “chiclet” keypads of yesteryear, and I replaced both with an old Apple Pro keyboard and a Microsoft A1105 wireless mouse that actually fit my hand!!!

Possibly, it may control the amount of movement vertically you apply to get a “mouse press”, but at the moment I’ve not tested that theory. Super glue was my first thought, but spring steel is hard to get liquid type adhesives mousf adhere to.


Apple Wireless Mouse

I also thought of using Gorilla Glue, if you’re familiar with moue. It’s hard to find stuff that Gorilla Glue won’t bond to with some degree of success. I dug out my freestanding magnifier, and it almost looks like the “pins” probably had an upper, smaller in dia.

Hope that was a joke for real, as that never an option for my repairs. If done, it’s cheap and cheezy, as if you don’t care what kind of workmanship you have. To start with, Google is almost never my search engine of first choice. I’ve not trusted them with anything since they were caught violating privacy issues, more than once.

My first choices are DuckDuckGo, Startpage, and IxQuick, because those search engines do not track your searches and surfing habits.

Where I go and what I do is no one’s business.

So I have all the trackers blocked as best as mouwe, Javascript disabled, etc. I see no value other than shorter typed links in email, forums, newsgroups, etc. And of course, they are tracking you to. I didn’t plan on doing it more than once, but had to when you replied. And I’ve already got too damned many bookmarks. And I’m neither a Dude or Dudette. But been online before there was a world wide web, and a baud modem was state of q1015 art.

Did not miss the point, and I am not laughing. Wasting the time of your friends is one thing, wasting the time of strangers is simply bad manners. I will plead guilty to assuming that Apple would have documentation on their own website, n’cest-ce pas? To save you some Googling and unencrypting URLs, http: I learned a long time ago, to always, always check the mfgr.

I have a wired version of mouee or a similar mouse, replaced it with an MS mouse that fit my hand when the scroll button stopped scrolling in one direction. Aug 24, W1015, the only credible suggestion I can offer is to find a small, thin piece of hard plastic to lay across the top of the bar right where the pins are – that way you can glue plastic to plastic to make a cross brace that will hold the bar in place, and it won’t matter whether the superglue adheres to the metal.

I don’t know what the clearances are on the inside, so that might not be feasible, but Then I hereby christen you a Dudle!. Though properly speaking ‘Dude’ is gender-neutral in parlance, so this rhetorical move isn’t really necessary. Happy to oblige, though. That’s an idea I hadn’t thought of. Clearances won’t be a problem if a piece of plastic is available. The pins are directly over the gap between the batteries. Not sure that I have any plastic that thing, nor of a type that glues easily.

Unfortunately, not all plastics glue easily. Aug 28, 8: And no more frustration getting the cover off.