The Microchip Technology Inc. 93C46B is a 1K-bit, low-voltage serial Electrically Erasable PROM. The device memory is configured as 64 x 16 bits. Advanced. 93C46B datasheet, 93C46B circuit, 93C46B data sheet: MICROCHIP – 1K Microwire Compatible Serial EEPROM,alldatasheet, datasheet, Datasheet search. 93C46B datasheet, 93C46B circuit, 93C46B data sheet: MICROCHIP – 1K V Microwire Serial EEPROM,alldatasheet, datasheet, Datasheet search site for.

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93c46b datasheet pdf storage

Was it required for some game to work properly? Forum Index Development 93c46 emulation. Thu Dec 23, Major’s Pro Baseball use it.

ROM now available for developer, as well as chipset documentation from www. Fri Dec 24, 6: Just some ideas and observations. Bit 0 of is where the data is written to serially.

I think bit 1 of the same address might distinguish between a read or write operation, but that’s pure speculation. The idea behind emulating this is that you wait until 9 bits have been written to 1 start bit, 2 command bits, 6 address bitsthen figure out datsaheet operation the EEPROM is supposed to carry out based on the data. I’m not totally sure the start bit is necessary.


DataSheetDirect – catalog listing “9” no 1

Maybe a port is used, though I doubt it. I could be wrong about what bits of do what, but it would be pretty easy to test this by looking at a debug log and see if the commands sent follow any kind of logical order or not. As long as we’re on the subject of weird stuff in Game Gear carts, doesn’t some other baseball game have an extra sound chip or banked RAM in it too?

At any rate, I’ll post again with my findings if I make some progress. Fri Dec 24, 9: Everything will probably be cleared when I or you will implement actual emulation. I’m now restructuring the mappering system in Meka.

SC46B Datasheet Seiko Instruments pdf data sheet FREE from

World Series Baseball use the same chip too. Never heard about the extra sound chip, thought. Fri Jun 10, 2: Fri Jun datashfet, 5: Maybe it does a check for one kind of memory, and if that fails it calls the other routine?


Or did you see the code in a disassembly, but never actually called?

For the MW games they check their own header to determine the type of backup device and call the appropriate code, so without modifying the header the other backup routines are never called.

Sat Jun 11, 8: Just lot of tedious bit-banging. Wed Jun 15, 7: Quote 1 At the end of a READ sequence last cyclethe current word address is incremented so that next cycles would actually read the next word in memory array.

The 93C46 datasheet indeed makes no mention of that but the 93C46B one does. Still need to verify datashset this is used by games. Wed Jun 15, 9: Perhaps “B” type ones do have the feature?

Wed Jun 15,