I have a Vista 20P. One that I bought from this website. I have everything wired and working properly the way I want it. I would like to be able to. Find great deals for Honeywell Ademco VIP Vista Interactive Phone Module Old Stock Ship. Shop with confidence on eBay!. Find great deals for Honeywell Phone Module (item #). Shop with confidence on eBay!.

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Ademco Phone Module Question. Hello, My name is Demetri Poulos.

I have recently been looking into purchasing a Phone Module for system event annunciation on my Honeywell Ademco Vista 20P. I have put great thought into this, and I have concluded that I do not need a voice keypad as I already have enough keypads in the system.

Setup for Ademco Vista 20P and VIP module | Electronics Forums

I am leaning towards the way a GE Concord 4 system works, where voice annunciations come out of the speaker. Plus, from my research, the module has a greater speaking vocabulary than the voice keypads.

Find all posts by demetrax1. Welcome to the forums. A pro will be with you shortly Last edited by lawrosa; at Find all posts by lawrosa. Hmmm, as often happens, this is a pre-broadband derived telephony device, and how well it will work is something of a crapshoot. The voice annunciation is independent of the remote access feature, so as long as you can access the device for programming and configuration, that part should work.

Find all posts by MrRonFL. So, as long as I can connect this to my home phone for programming the voice annunciation should work? Can I wire it to a nearby wall phone jack in the room where it will be located? It’ better if you wire it correctly into the phone lines as delineated in the installation instructions does your existing configuration already connect to the house phone wiring? Otherwise, just being connected to the phone lines should be enough for programming purposes.


I have a spare phone cable and a male phone jack connector so I should be good for programming then.

Also, does the synthesized voice preloaded onto the should like that of the v keypads and all other Honeywell voice keypads? As far as I know, it’s the same audio chip I personally find the synth voices they use for these somewhat grating, but they have their uses.

Thanks so much MrRonFL! I already have enough And as for telephony access in the home, all I have ademcp do is have the module connected to any phone jack in the house, and when I want to access it, I just enter in the phone code from any touch-tone telephone in the house? I’m assuming the reason it is said to “not work correctly with VoIP” is strictly for remote access via a physical answering machine.

Other than that, it’s pretty much a standard phone line with touch-tone recognition so I theroetically should be able to use this for in-home access? So for remote access, I’m covered. Sorry, I realized i forgot to fully reply to your previous question.

Yes, the Internet modem box that provides our telephone service wdemco been DIY wired into the existing phone wiring in the house. When we got Cox, an Internet-based telephone service, the dealer told us we could not use the existing landline wiring. Instead, he stated that we must purchase a cordless phone and have the base station where the modem was to be acemco.

A few years after that, I decided that I wanted to make the jacks live again.

ADEMCO 4286 – Ademco Phone Module Manuals

Plus, if you’re wondering, it’s not that easy to run wire from where the is to be located to the NID. The panel is on an upstairs floor and the NID is out the window and down the side of the house. So I decided to wire it to 2486 phone jack in the room where it will be located. Are you still there?


Ron, are you still there? I still need help before I buy the module.

ADEMCO Honeywell VIP Telephone Module and VoIP? – Community Forums

The phone line connection is too far away from the module for me to be able to connect it properly. I have a phone jack in the room where it will be located, and the installation instructions for summary of connections are pretty confusing. Is it possible to connect it to the phone line for programming only? And then, when I’m done programming, can I disconnect it and use it as a stand-alone voice module?

A prompt reply would be appreciated. All I can suggest is for you to try it. This is so far outside the wiring standard that these are designed for, that there is no meaningful answer that I can provide. I’ve never tried to connect a device like this so far outside of the manufacturer’s design spec. I guess you’re right, I’ll just have to try it out! I’ll reply to this thread if I have any more questions.

I wired it as previously stated, and can only control it from one phone but that’s ok! I just wanted it for voice annunciation anyway.

Pictures are included if they load properly. Thanks again for everything!

Honeywell 4286 Phone Module (item #117)

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