Honda Civic Coupe – Owner’s Manual ( pages) vehicle break- in, cargo loading) , driving (engine transmission operation) Related Manuals for Honda Civic Sedan. Automobile Honda CR-V Owner’s Manual. Honda cr-v automobile owners manual ( pages). *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Honda Civic Owner’s Manual. Also called an operating manual, this book acquaints the owner with the operating.

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Page Towing a Trailer Pre-Tow Checklist Your vehicle tires and spare are Backing Up When preparing to tow, and before properly inflated, and the trailer Always drive slowly and have driving away, be sure to check the tires and spare are inflated as someone guide you when backing up. To use the disc disc slot. Interior Lights Interior Lights Ceiling Light After all doors are closed tightly, the light s dims slightly, then fades out in about 30 seconds.

If a label comes off or becomes hard to read except for the U. Manual Transmission When slowing down, you can get time on a hot day, be careful before With 6-speed manual transmission extra braking from the engine by moving the shift lever.

Remove the key from the ignition switch. Instruments and Controls indicators, gauges, dashboard, steering column 55, features heating and cooling, audio, steering wheel, security, cruise controlbefore Driving fuel, vehicle break- in, cargo loadingdriving engine transmission operation This disc changer uses the same controls used for the in-dash disc player or the radio.

Except Si procedure, you should take several precautions. Miles Gallons Miles per of fuel driven Gallon Plan and combine trips Page Jump Starting Once your vehicle is running, Keep the ends of the jumper cables disconnect the negative cable from away from each other and any metal your vehicle, then from the on the vehicle until everything is booster battery.


Make sure it does CONE center of the flat ownerx. A beeper will sound if the vehicle is driven with the parking brake on. Page Changing a Flat Tire Put on the spare tire. Push down the clutch pedal, and pause for a few seconds before shifting into reverse, or shift into one of the forward gears for a moment.

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By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page. Protecting Your Discs Small, irregular shaped discs Discs with scratches, dirty discs Recommended discs are printed with the following logo. Page Wiper Blades Examine the new wiper blades. Except Si Start the engine. Page Bluetooth HandsFreeLink If no other phones are found or To find out the status of the phone being To change from the currently linked paired, the first phone remains used, do this: Safety Labels preceded by a safety alert symbol and one of The drive will read the PC card and Sampling frequency: Moonroof To close the moonroof fully, push The moonroof has a key-off delay.


Order now To purchase printed manuals, you can order online or contact: Wiper Blades Examine the new wiper blades.

Security System With the system set, you can still If equipped The security system helps to protect Except Si open the trunk with the master key your vehicle and valuables from theft. To prevent warpage, keep discs out of When recording a CD-R or direct sunlight and extreme heat. API certification seal, and it is the proper weight. Turn the end bracket wheel with the extension. You can see your Select a desired number from the been stored.

Auto Reverse the moonroof switch forward to the You can open and close the If the moonroof runs into any second detent, then release it.

When replacing a bulb, handle trunk, readjustment may be required. It does not cycle with temperature changes. Warranty and Emissions Accessory Limited Warranty all these warranties.

Honda Civic Owners Manuals

If any phonebook is not stored and To save paper and time, you can download the latest manuals now. Set the parking brake.

In Canada, call number in the phonebook. Protecting Adults And Teens, Close And Lock The Doors, Adjust The Front Seats Protecting Adults and Teens Introduction Adjust the Front Seats The following pages provide instructions on how to properly Your vehicle xivic a door-open protect the driver, adult passengers, indicator on the instrument panel to and teenage children who are large indicate when any door is not tightly enough and mature enough to drive closed.

Mxnual Adults and Teens If you sit too close to the steering Adjust the Seat-Backs wheel or dashboard, you can be seriously injured by an inflating front Sitting too close to a front airbag, or by striking the mahual airbag can result in serious wheel or dashboard. Maintenance Minder Symbol Maintenance Main Items Symbol Maintenance Sub Items Owndrs engine oil Rotate tires Replace engine oil and oil filter Replace air cleaner element Inspect odners and rear brakes If you drive in dusty conditions, replace Check parking brake adjustment every 15, miles 24, km.


If it is necessary to remove or modify a front seat to accommodate a person with disabilities, first contact Honda Automobile Customer Service at The brakes on the rear through deep water. If the phonebook you number, or if the phonebook you select has a PIN icon, you will need select is not PIN protected, the the four-digit PIN number to access following screen appears.

Page Audio System Models with navigation system iPod Error Messages Error Message Solution If you see mxnual error message on the screen while playing an iPod, find the solution in the chart to the right. This coolant coolant to bring it up to the MAX line. If they do, they Carrying hard or sharp side curtain airbag inflates, a cup On all models except U. If you feel the screen to display the sound level. The fluid level should be between Using any non-Honda brake fluid can the MIN and MAX marks on the side cause corrosion and decrease the life of the reservoir.

Audio System Models without navigation system Manua, Disc Changer Error Error Message Cause Solution Messages The chart on the right explains the error messages you may see in the Press the magazine eject button, and pull the display while playing a disc. Page Audio System Models with navigation system There are three play modes: Use vehicle and the valet key at a parking only Honda-approved key blanks.

Firmly turn the FCC rules.

Honda Motor Oil is the preferred intervals shown on the information 5W lubricant for your vehicle. Except Si Correct Level Honda new vehicle warranty. Page Tires To safely operate your vehicle, your Inflation Guidelines tire might be low, check it tires must be the proper type and Keeping the tires properly inflated immediately with a tire gauge.