For a printed owner’s manual, click on authorized manuals or go to . Your selection of a Honda Insight was a wise investment. Honda will repair or. Afterwards, keep this owner’s manual in your vehicle so you can refer to Your selection of a Honda Insight was a wise investment. hazards associated with operating or maintaining the engine speed to 2, rpm, and hold it there. Workshop Manual. Honda Insight Workshop Manual L Hybrid; (14, Pages). (Free). Honda Insight Workshop Manual L3 L; (14, Pages).

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List of Honda models

Powertrain, Chassis System and Vehicle Body. Electronic Construction The EPS control unit is mounted inside the car on the right side bulkhead, underneath the dash. Page 88 Unlike a conventional sensor, the voltage can be positive or negative, and it reads the opposite direction.

The contest was won by Car and Driver magazine, which rigged a box behind a Ford Excursionand had the Insight drive within the confines of the box. Cars registered in the UK after qualified for free road tax because of their low CO 2 emissions registered cars would be taxed on the lower rate of the old system based on engine size. EPA testing methodology is: The reception in Japan exceeded Honda’s original forecast of 5, monthly sales.

While the brake pedal is hpnda, there is very little to no creep, while releasing the brake pedal will engage creep again.

As an additional safety feature, Honda’s hybrid configuration allows the car to operate like a conventional, petrol-engine vehicle even if the IMA hybrid-electric motor system is completely disabled. The VTEC rocker arms are a new, compact, low-friction design, adapted from the S roadster, with the VTEC switching mechanism pistons located coaxially with the roller elements. Department of Energy Unlike a conventional sensor, the voltage can be positive or negative, and it reads the opposite direction.


Maximum combustion pressure occurs at a point where the connecting rod is straight up and down in the cylinder. The most significant difference between the Fit and the Insight platform is the position of the fuel tank.

Answer Center Find what oqners are looking for Optional: Departing from the first generation Insight’s two-seat configuration, the Insight is a 5-passenger, 5-door dedicated hybrid vehicle that includes the fifth generation of Honda’s Integrated Motor Assist IMA hybrid powertrain.

This resulted as less availability to overseas markets and Honda has to mankal production on a second line at its Suzuka factory in mid-June to increase production from units a day.

The high-backed bucket seats are highly supportive to help minimize fatigue during long periods of driving. This helps to reduce the weight and drag of the components significantly without a loss of strength in the components.

YSTEM The insight is designed to operate at a very lean air fuel ratio during light throttle cruise conditions. The information below is by no means complete repair procedures; it is simply provided to give you some of the key procedures that should be followed if you ever have someone carry out repairs on your Insight’s body. The easiest and most visible location is through a small window at the bottom driver’s side corner of the windshield: As of June in the U.

The aerodynamic efficiency is improved by two percent.

The only moving part in this type of motor, the rotor, consists of nothing mabual permanent magnets. Honda facelifted the Insight for model year.

Honda Insight Owner’s Manual

The car went on sale on March 24,in the U. While every effort has been made to insure its accuracy, this information shouldn’t be used as the basis for repairs or modifications to your Insight. Possibly the worst new car money can buy”. Ownrs the CVT’s gear ratios are continuously variable the system electronically directs the transmission to up- or downshift into pre-determined ratios when the driver taps the shift paddles.


Total global cumulative sales for the first generation Insight were manuql, units. The Insight featured optimized aerodynamics and a lightweight aluminum structure to maximize fuel efficiency and minimize emissions.

Honda Insight

The front fenders, spoilers, under body cover and rear fender skirts are all made of plastic. Hybrid Sales Remain Sluggish”. Summary of Contents for Honda Insight Page 2: The basic structure is a new, lightweight aluminum monocoquereinforced in key areas with aluminum extrusions joined at cast aluminum lugs.

The first generation Insight was the most fuel efficient gasoline-powered car available in the U. This system mates an internal combustion engine with an electric motor mounted directly to the engine’s crankshaft between the engine and transmission. In order to control costs, Honda decided not to include the electric-assist air conditioning compressor used in the Civic Hybrid. If your vehicle is equipped with a navigation system, a navigation manual with detailed instructions, settings, and other information is also available.

He recognized that the price was low, but concluded that a Volkswagen Golf was a better deal. Also See for Insight Navigation manual – pages Owner’s manual – pages Owner’s manual – 75 pages.

Honda Insight second generation Honda Civic Hybrid.